Anti Aging Finasteride

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Anti aging Finasteride is usually called such for its anti aging effects on both hair loss and prostate size.

Basic Finasteride Information

Finasteride belongs to a group of drugs called antiandrogen or 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, which are fancy words for drugs that block either the synthesis or actions of androgens. Finasteride is most typically marketed as Proscar but goes by other names as well, such as Propecia, Finast, Gefina, and more. Finasteride, an oral steroid, decreases dihydrotestosterone concentrations in plasma and the prostate by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Finasteride is usually used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy or prostate cancer.

Qualities of Anti Aging Finasteride

All over the world people seem obsessed with anti aging supplements, looking younger, and tips for beating back the clock, but "anti aging Finasteride" is actually somewhat of a misconception. In 1992 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug as Proscar to treat prostate enlargement. It's used most often for this still.

During the first few years after Finasteride was approved, it was noted that some of the men undergoing Finasteride therapy saw some hair re-growth (such as re-growth in male pattern baldness areas). Male pattern baldness is a huge issue for many men and marketing Finasteride for treatment of hair loss began.

In 1997 Finasteride as Propecia was officially approved by the FDA to treat male pattern baldness. This is a major anti aging affect of Finasteride. Obviously most men may feel younger when they keep their hair. The anti aging effects are just as likely due to a positive attitude as they are the actual hair re-growth. For instance, a man who has success with Finasteride may simply feel better about himself and thus act more confident and in an overall younger manner.

Additionally, anti aging effects are noted because as almost all men age, their prostate enlarges. Thus an enlarged prostate has always been associated with aging. So, although it won't help wrinkles, Finasteride can reduce and help prevent an enlarged prostate. It does have some anti aging qualities going for it.

Does Finasteride as an Anti Aging Drug Work

For men there are mixed reviews on the success of Propecia. Visits to various hair loss forums and websites where you can hear real men tell their stories about the fight with hair loss will turn up both negative and positive reviews of Propecia's success.

Most of the time you hear the word "thickening" used in conjunction with Propecia. Some men are experiencing a thicker hair growth, but not always. Where the hair grows back is variable as well. When it comes to hair loss treatments, what works for some sadly may not work for all. Hair Loss Talk reports that in clinical studies it increased hair counts in over 60 percent of men - but just how much hair counts went up is the issue. Just 42 percent of men had actual noticeable hair re-growth. You may have an increased hair count with Propecia but it won't matter if that hair count is too low to matter.

Also as an anti aging product Propecia will work better for men who don't already have extensive hair loss. The best advice: try Propecia the second you notice hair loss because it can slow hair loss better than re-grow hair.

Finasteride as Proscar used for an anti aging drug is more effective than Propecia. It's been shown to be scientifically significant (very positive) when it comes to lessoning enlarged prostates and improving urinary flow. Research even suggests that it may halt the growth of the prostate fairly well. These results make Proscar a notable anti aging drug if you consider an enlarged and problematic prostate an aging issue.

Side Effects of Finasteride

For men the most common side effect is decreased ejaculation and decreased sexual desire - but even those side effects are super low. Less than 2 percent of men in clinical trials saw these side effects.

Some women have tried Propecia for hair loss with some success, but side effects of Finasteride for women can include harsh birth defects. Pregnant women and even women who are considering pregnancy are warned not even to touch Finasteride tablets because there are risks of serious birth defects to unborn babies. With that in mind, it seems that further studies are necessary before anti aging Finasteride is a reality for women.

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