Popping Blackheads

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Some beauty experts have frowned upon popping blackheads, but waiting for a blackhead to leave naturally can take weeks, even months. If you decide to remove your blemish manually, you should use methods that minimize permanent damage to your skin.

Popping Blackheads

If you decide to extract your blackhead by hand, you should use the safest, most sterile methods possible. Follow these guidelines for popping blackheads.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and clean your fingernails.
  2. Trim your fingernails before extracting the blackhead. Shorter nails are best because you can accidentally cut your skin with long ones.
  3. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup and excess oils.
  4. Rinse the cleanser from your face with lukewarm water. Pat the skin dry with a clean towel.
  5. Fill a sink or plastic tub with hot water.
  6. Sit comfortably or lean over the hot water while placing a towel over your head. Remain over the steam for a few minutes. This will open your pores and make the blackhead easier to extract.
  7. Stand in front of a mirror, or a magnification mirror for a better view. Place two forefingers around the blackhead and squeeze the skin inwards toward the bump, pushing the material out. Alternatively, you may wish to use a blackhead extractor. If you use an extractor, place the tip of the extractor over the blackhead and pull up, applying suction to the blackhead. This will remove the interior of the bump.
  8. Wash your face by cleaning out the empty pore with an antiseptic cream. Use a toner to shrink the pore to prevent it from becoming a new bump.
  9. Wash your hands again.

Seek Medical Attention for Frequent Problems

Removing the occasional blackhead from your skin is not harmful. However, if your skin regularly produces these black bumps, you should see a physician.

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Popping Blackheads