Products to Make Dark Skin Glow

Achieve a gorgeous glow!

Achieve a gorgeous look year-round with products to make dark skin glow. There's nothing prettier than fresh skin that seems almost lit from within! Today there are so many products on the market formulated to make your skin look its radiant best, but it can be difficult to discern which ones are best for your skin type. Here's how to achieve a naturally beautiful glow with minimal effort.

Achieve a Glorious Glow

First things first: Luminosity is definitely something more typically associated with summer than any other time of year. However, it looks beautiful no matter what time of year it is! Glowing skin creates that enviable sort of radiance that every woman hopes to achieve. It suggests good health, and that's where your mission to achieve that glorious glow should start.

Of course good health is all about eating well and exercising, and as they apply to your skin, those are two very important points. However, a good skincare regimen is equally essential. In order for your skin to really reap the rewards of the products you will apply, it needs to be in great condition. That means dryness, flakiness and other signs of irritation should be eliminated through a combination of exfoliation and moisture.

Use products that are tailored specifically for your skin type, and be religious with your treatments. For example, don't skimp on exfoliating - this is a very necessary step that rids your skin of dead skin cells and reveals the fresh skin underneath. There's no way to fake a luminous glow if your skin looks and feels rough!

The Right Products to Make Dark Skin Glow

Dark skin can really mean anything from olive to ebony, and there are many products available for the face and body that are designated specifically for these hues. Since the skin is naturally darker, these products are formulated to give it a visible glow; don't make the mistake of using something for fair to light skin, as these likely will not provide visible results at all.

Of course, a beautiful glow can be achieved with the help of a highlighter and a pretty cream blush, but certain skincare products are just genius at doing the job for you and making your workload a little lighter in the process. Wouldn't it be nice to skip the makeup some mornings? We thought so. Here are a few products to make dark skin glow beautifully:

  • Gradual tanners are simply the gold standard nowadays. Skip the stinky self-tanners and opt instead for one of these formulas that build slowly over the period of a few days. They deepen the skin tone a bit and leave it looking naturally radiant, as if you've just come in from an afternoon on the beach. Try Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer for medium/tan skin tones; you'll receive quick results (within three days!).
  • Shimmer spray is another genius choice, particularly during the summer. Try a dry oil formula infused with glistening shimmer, such as tarte's Celebutante Dry Oil Shimmer Spray. It's loaded with moisturizing ingredients, like vitamin E and avocado oil, and contains just enough of a gleam to really make the skin shine. Try it on bare legs and shoulders when wearing sundresses; it's the perfect way to fake a radiant sheen all summer long.
  • Body oils easily make the skin glow simply by virtue of the natural gleam they leave behind. NARS Body Glow is a popular choice for women all over the world. The liquid is a concoction of milk chocolate color infused with a healthy amount of burnished gold. Throw a few moisturizing oils into the mix and the result is year-round perfection. This works well on all skin types and perks up dark skin by leaving a glistening finish behind. You can't go wrong!
  • Body powders are another option that might serve you well if you prefer not to rub oil into your skin or are in a rush and don't want to wait for an oil formula to settle. Try a glistening powder instead. The Kitten collection from Benefit Cosmetics is a great choice; each powder is infused with a delightful finish - choose from golden champagne, silver lilac and pink shimmer - that leaves dark skin beautifully glamorous. This is a great choice for a night on the town!
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Products to Make Dark Skin Glow