Swedish Bitters for Acne Scars

aloe and herbs in mortar and pestle
Aloe, a natural healer, is one of the main ingredients in Swedish Bitters.

If you prefer natural remedies for what ails you, you might try using Swedish Bitters on acne scars. A formula dating back to the 16th century, Swedish Bitters has been slowly gaining traction in this country as a homeopathic treatment for a variety of internal and external problems.

Swedish Bitters and Acne Scars

Swedish Bitters, developed first by a Swedish physician and later improved by an Austrian herbalist, is a mix of aloe and a number of other natural healers like camphor, angelica and rhubarb. You can make it yourself, although it's far easier to purchase it online at Good for You America or other sites. The formula is said to treat everything from toothache and morning sickness to fever and indigestion. It's also considered to be effective on old scars.

Some users have reported that regular application of Swedish Bitters on acne scars both new and old will make the scars disappear. As with most such remedies, there is no harm in trying, but you must be aware that it may end up being totally ineffective. However, there are many who find that it really is a little miracle.

How to Use Swedish Bitters

Those who have used Swedish Bitters on acne scars and report results say that it will not only fade the red or brown marks, but will even improve the appearance of pockmarks and other deeper wounds. To be effective, you have to soak cotton or gauze with the tincture and completely cover the scar. Use surgical tape, or any other tape that is safe to use on the face (you can find some at your local drugstore), to secure the cotton. It's advised that you keep re-applying the Swedish Bitters, although reports differ as to how long you need to keep it on. If you are not experiencing any burning or irritation, you can keep it on as long as you like. The idea is to saturate the scar tissue with moisture to promote healing. Since aloe is a natural healing moisturizer, this heavy application of it, along with the other healing ingredients, can go a long ways towards helping the damaged skin heal itself. Exactly why it would be effective on older scars remains a bit unclear, but for those who have suffered from scarring and are not yet willing to try peels, laser treatments or other more invasive procedures, it is certainly worth the experiment.

Swedish Bitters for Acne

Herbalists and users also recommend an internal dose of Swedish Bitters to cure and prevent acne. Apparently, it can even treat the painful cystic acne that leaves the worst scars. If you wish to take it internally, first check all the ingredients to be sure you are not allergic to any of them - many people will react to herbal mixtures, and reactions can actually cause breakouts. Also, you'll have to brace yourself. It's called "bitters" for a reason. You may need to have some kind of chaser ready, and drink it over the sink. Users have reported spitting it out on the initial try, and it can stain very badly.

Buying Swedish Bitters

Although it is not hard to make, the home-made version requires alcohol and very exact measurements. Swedish bitters is not easily found in health stores, but in addition to the site mentioned above, you can purchase Swedish Bitters in various sizes from Nature Works, a reputable maker of homeopathic treatments. It is available on Amazon. If you're interested in taking the bitters internally, they've recently become available in capsule form. Capsules can often be less effective than liquid, but they are certainly easier to stomach. They are available on Amazon as well. Please note that while there is a Swedish Bitters cream available, this is meant for pain relief. If you want to attack your acne scars, you have to use the liquid.

Finally, give the tincture some time. Old scars especially will be stubborn. But more and more people are reporting results, so it's definitely worth some effort.

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Swedish Bitters for Acne Scars