Communion Meditations

Communion is a time for reflection and meditation.

Communion meditations are a way of remembering the Last Supper. At communion, it is important for ministers and the congregation to focus on the solemnity of the occasion. All too often, this time of meditation is rushed or off topic.

Meditations at Communion

A meditation at communion is when the minister or priest speaks before Holy Communion. It is his goal to distill into a few words as possible the importance of the rite. The meditation is not meant to be a sermon, but rather a way to help the congregation focus on Jesus and the meaning of the Last Supper. He or she may speak about sacrifice, willingness to follow Jesus, and the purpose of the Holy Communion. They may even speak of how the rite personally affects them. Meditations may either be written by the speaker or may be taken directly from the Bible. The congregation may then reflect on how the rite affects them as they meditate after Holy Communion.

The Lord's Supper

Communion is a way for everyone in a church to share and remember a very important event. The focus should be on Jesus and His sacrifice and how he treated his followers. While there are many scripture readings and meditations that could be touched upon during communion, it is important to speak in particular about the Lord's Supper.

According to Ken Gosnell, a minister, the focus should be on Jesus as a real person during meditation. Parishioners should remember that He was their savior and how He has touched them personally in their everyday lives. As a reminder to His apostles at the last supper, Jesus said to them, "Do this in remembrance of me."

Individual Meditation in Church

After the minister or priest reads the communion meditation, the Holy Communion begins. How the bread and wine is distributed varies by denomination. Once everyone receives communion, individual meditation can begin.

Meditation can be spiritual.

Meditating in church isn't very different from meditation at home, with the exception that individuals are either sitting or kneeling. It is a time to reflect on one's walk with Jesus and what he gave up for us. Music may be played at this time to help people focus on the occasion, or it may be entirely quiet in the church. People may bow their heads and close their eyes to block out distractions and it is important to remain quiet during this time to avoid bothering others who are meditating.

Communion Meditations Online

It is easy to locate communion meditations online, both for ministers and to read as worshippers. Websites that offer meditations related to communion include:

  • Lifeway - offers a variety of articles, sermons and communion meditations for ministers and congregation members.
  • Joyful Heart - offers key Last Supper passages for use in the meditation as well as a free 10-week course on the Lord's Supper: Communion and Eucharist Meditations for Disciples.
  • Becoming Closer - provides a yearlong list of meditations that can be used during Holy Communion.
  • Edward Fudge - download responsive communion meditation and prayers for church or personal use.
  • One in Jesus - offers over a dozen unique meditations that can be used by ministers.

While most types of meditation are done individually, at church a congregation does it as a group. Everyone is usually meditating about the same thing: Jesus and the connection He wants to have with all of us. He shared His last supper with His apostles and wanted them to remember Him each time they shared supper together. Today, Christians still honor this tradition every Sunday during Holy Communion.

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Communion Meditations