Define Stress Management

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It's important to define stress management because it will help you understand how to manage stressors in your life effectively so you can be happier and healthier.

How to Define Stress Management

Stress management means many things to different people because everyone has their own way of dealing with stressors.

Managing Stress by Controlling a Situation

Some people are hands on and take care of stress by controlling the situation. They will actively try to reduce or eliminate a problem until they no longer feel stressed out.

Denying Unfortunate Circumstances

Some people use a defense mechanism known as denial. People in denial tell themselves that a particular situation isn't as bad as it seems or that it doesn't exist at all. This avoidance is what some people use to manage stress because it virtually eliminates it for them.

Preventing a Stressor Snowball

Tackling smaller stressors or taking steps to ensure that you don't encounter a stressor is another way to manage stress. This preventative measure can help people who work in a hectic environment because stressors can add up quickly.

Attack Stress on the Body

Some people can't do anything about what happens around them but they can act on what it does to their body. These types of people exercise for stress management. It helps the body return to its normal state and releases tension so that they can better cope with new stressors.

Mental Molding for Stress Relief

Meditation is another form of exercise that involves molding the mind to relieve anxieties. You can practice imagery by thinking of a place that is peaceful. You can also use your mind to release muscle tension by focusing on each muscle group and consciously relaxing them.

Breaking Away From the Chaos

Taking a vacation or just a walk in the middle of the day is another way some people define stress management. These people understand the benefits of taking a break from a busy life to ground themselves to better cope with situations upon their return. This may seem like they are running away from their problems, but it is not. The problems will still be there once they come back; however, the break from their difficulties may give them a new perspective on the situation.

Understanding and Making a Plan

Another way to define managing stress is by understanding what makes you tense and what relaxes you. This way, you can devise a plan for when you feel tension again.

Externalize the Stressor

For some people, managing stress means putting blame on someone else. Externalizing the stressors helps a person feel better because they are able to let go of any responsibility or guilt for it.

Release Through Outlets

Journaling, singing, dancing, playing sports or doing some other type of activity can help some people deal with stressful situations. Not only does it give people something else to focus on but also, it releases tension by either unloading the mind on paper or channeling emotions and muscle tension through physical activity (much like in exercise). Talking to a trusted friend or professional counselor is another outlet for your problems so you can better manage stressors in your life.

Defining Your Stress Management defines stress management as "any technique developed to help someone cope with or lessen the physical and emotional effects of everyday life pressure". Notice that it states, "any technique". Whatever you do to help reduce your anxiety levels is the way you should define managing stress.

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Define Stress Management