Tips to Fall Asleep

Environmental Factors

People look for tips to fall asleep when they have problems with falling into a peaceful slumber on their own. Sometimes it's a simple fix, especially when the problem is environmental.

  • Are there bright lights leaking into your room?
  • Are there loud noises keeping you from falling asleep?
  • Is your bed comfortable?

Take a look at the area where you sleep. There may be a quick fix to help you fall asleep more quickly.

Setting the Stage

You need to "set the stage" for a good night's sleep. You'll fall asleep quicker if you follow a predictable routine every night, such as a hot shower followed by a skincare regimen and then off to bed. There is no definitive routine to follow, but the trick is to make sure you follow the same routine every night in order to prepare your brain for sleep.

Calm Your Mind

Rushing thoughts can sometimes inhibit a person from falling asleep. Find ways to calm your mind before getting into bed to go to sleep. Don't allow bedtime to be the time you allow your mind to race with worried thoughts. If necessary, give yourself some time before climbing into bed to mull over worrying thoughts but then make a concerted effort to calm your mind down before trying to sleep.

Try Relaxing Scents and Sounds

Some people find that the scent of lavender relaxes them at bedtime. White noise is also beneficial to some people to help them fall asleep. Purchase a white noise machine or use something else that causes constant noise like a fan. You can also find a relaxing scent from a flameless candle or potpourri, but don't use an actual candle because this can be a fire hazard.


There are medications designed to assist you in falling asleep. Over the counter medication can be purchased at a local store, but prescription sleep aids are only available after visiting a doctor.

Although medicinal sleep aids can certainly assist a person in falling asleep, the fact remains that some are addictive and may eventually cause even worse sleep problems in the future.

More Tips to Fall Asleep

Rarely do sleep problems arise from nothing. A problem falling asleep can stem from physiological causes or emotional problems, or it can be a combination of the two. Sometimes issues with falling asleep are simply related to environmental factors.

Find out what keeps you from sleeping and what helps you to fall asleep quicker. With a little experimentation you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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Tips to Fall Asleep