An Expert Discusses Celebrity Weight Loss

Actress Uma Thurman
Jackie Keller helped Uma Thurman get her post-baby body picture-perfect.

Celebrity weight loss astounds and amazes the general public. You see it time after time-- mere weeks after giving birth, celebrity moms are back in their "skinny" jeans. And, who hasn't marveled at the stunning transformations both male and female stars make for the movies? According to Jackie Keller, nutrition expert and the founder of NutriFit, healthy, rapid weight loss is possible for everyone.

Meet Jackie Keller

LoveToKnow (LTK): Tell us about your background.

Jackie Keller (JK): I am a graduate of USC, and have attended and completed UCLA's widely respected Professional Fitness Instruction Certificate Program. I also attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, for professional chef's instruction. Before starting NutriFit in 1987, I spent nearly 10 years in hotel/restaurant management, and ended my (non-self-employed) career in high technology as a Director of Human Resources.

Body After Baby

LTK: Tell us about Body After Baby. What prompted you to write the book?

JK: Following my own experience of having two children, and after years of working with women who shared the same dilemmas revolving around body image and self-esteem in the postpartum period, I had the opportunity to work with Uma Thurman. The book has been a catalyst for this work.

Body After Baby Body After Baby by Jackie Keller

LTK: You have said that Uma Thurman was your inspiration for Body After Baby. How did she inspire you?

JK: Uma's tremendous success helped me believe that women everywhere might benefit from a book that really had all of the ingredients necessary for anyone, postpartum or not, to be successful. It was the easiest and most logical way to share the information with what I hope would be a large number of people.

LTK: Can a "regular" woman, without the resources of Hollywood, achieve the same results?

JK: Without a doubt - the Body After Baby 30-day plan is for ANYONE.

LTK: Is rapid postpartum weight loss safe?

JK: The body is pre-disposed to weight loss in the postpartum period. Rapid weight loss can be the result of a sound, well-balanced program that promotes consistency of effort. That's what the Body After Baby plan is all about. Its completely safe, doctor-approved, and the rate of weight loss will vary from person to person. But safe, and usually rapid!

LTK: Is it safe even for nursing mothers?

JK: The 30-day plan is for nursing mothers. For those not nursing, each day contains a recommendation for which foods to take out of the plan. This plan doesn't adversely affect the production of breast milk at all.

LTK: What are the basics of your plan?

JK: Three meals, three snacks/day, 1800-2200 calories for breastfeeding moms, 1500-1600 calories for non-breastfeeding women (Moms or not), plus 30 days of safe and effective movements designed to be done with minimal equipment in a time-efficient manner.

LTK: Is it a fad diet?

JK: It's not a diet at all. It's a healthy eating plan that someone can start anytime, and follow for life.

LTK: Is there anything you would like to add?

JK: I really believe that eating well needs to be a life-long habit - and belongs in the same category as good hygiene. It's also as simple as that!

Celebrity Weight Loss

LTK: Celebrities seem to recover their pre-pregnancy bodies overnight. Why do they get in shape so much faster than the average woman?

JK: They're more motivated to get on it right away. Most of the rest of us don't feel we will be "on show," and we give ourselves permission to be a bit "lazier" in that regard.

LTK: Which celebrity client had the most remarkable transformation?

JK: Tia Carrere and Uma Thurman. Working with Tia Carrere has been an amazing experience. She's very down-to-earth, and so is her husband, photojournalist Simon Wakelin, whose love for her shows in the remarkable photographs he's taken. They have a fabulous home with a magnificent, panoramic view, and Tia, who really loves hiking and outdoor activities, takes daily hikes with her baby, Bianca, strapped into a baby carrier in front (for the view). She relies on the meals completely, as so does her husband - they both use NutriFit to stay healthy, and Tia has lost 50 pounds, and she looks incredible.

LTK: Is a sweet tooth ever an issue in celebrity weight loss?

JK: When I found out that Uma had a penchant for chocolate, I made it my mission to include NutriFit chocolate desserts as often as possible! From darkly rich, NutriFit Double Chocolate Fudge Cake, to deliciously decadent NutriFit Fudgy Brownies, Uma's menus had just enough of the healthy delights to keep her focused and "on the plan", instead of indulging in M & M's! Watching her train for some of the incredible stunts/shots in Kill Bill was really amazing - as she is quite formidable when "flying through the air".

LTK: You've worked with some of Hollywood's funniest men. What was that like?

JK: Hysterical, and a real pleasure. Will Ferrell is charming and never said "no" to a request for autographs. He was generous with compliments about his NutriFit meals.

George Carlin is very nice. He calls us to provide organic soups. It's so funny, because he calls just every so often and says, "How about some soup?", just like you spoke with him yesterday. Bill Maher is, well, a bit different.

Martin Lawrence is a hoot, but he's very serious about his diet, and well-attended by his lovely young wife, Shamicka Gibbs. She's a real beauty, and quite the devoted mom & wife - taking "very good care of her man" is what this mother of 3 little girls does best!

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An Expert Discusses Celebrity Weight Loss