Bible-Based Diet

Ever heard of a Bible based diet?

Dieters seeking to lose weight with God's help have turned to a Bible based diet. These diets are gaining popularity and becoming more mainstream in the dieting world. Do they offer success? Just as with any diet, there are success stories, and there are failures. Keep reading to decide for yourself if a Bible based diet is right for you.

What is a Bible Based Diet?

Before thinking a Bible based diet is a new fad, think again. If you are at all familiar with the Old Testament, you know that very specific rules regarding clean and unclean foods were spelled out. Today, Jews, Muslims, and even Catholics follow certain guidelines depending upon the time of week or year and the type of food allowed or restricted, so a diet based on biblical beliefs is far from a new concept. The difference between these centuries old beliefs and today's faithful dieters really involves a new category of religious believers.

You've heard all the talk about organic foods and organic living, and many people have taken this a step further by incorporating a belief that eating natural, organic foods is a godly way of taking care of our bodies. Many take it to what some perceive as an extreme-eating only what can be grown, in other words vegetables, fruits, and nuts-a raw diet.

Over-indulgence is considered a sin against the body, and since the body is considered the holy temple of God, a sin against God as well. In other words, eat only what your body needs to remain healthy. This train of thought pretty much eliminates sugars, white flours, etc., but you already knew that in order to lose weight you had to cut back on these, right? So, what types of biblical diets are available, and do they work?

Weigh Down Diet

Probably the most commonly known Bible-oriented diet is the Weigh Down Diet. Its founder, Gwen Shamblin, is a registered dietician and the creator of the "Exodus Out of Egypt" weight loss programs. According to her Web site, "The Weigh Down Workshop has been in over 60 different countries and over 60 denominations." The principles around this diet involve feeding the heart in order to feed the stomach. Relying on the belief that many people resort to food for comfort, Shamblin's program encourages people to turn to God first and eat only to nourish the body…not the mind and heart. The Weigh Down Diet's secret to losing weight incorporates the following points:

  1. Learn how to feed the stomach only when it is truly hungry.
  2. Learn how to feed or nourish the longing human soul with a relationship with God.
  3. Learn how to recognize the different "hungers" and not confuse them.

Hallelujah Acres Diet

Reverend George Malkmus is the founder of Hallelujah Acres and its diet, also referred to as Biblical Nutrition 101. According to this site, "Biblical Nutrition 101 provides the information needed to not only restore health, but also, in most instances, disease-proof the entire family." It involves a twelve week course that can be downloaded directly from the site for free.

Maker's Diet

Jordan Rubin created Maker's Diet as an answer to his own health problems. By the age of 19, he was already suffering from arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, and even Crohn's Disease. An acquaintance referred him to the eating habits of biblical characters, and he took it to heart, studying the eating habits that were outlined in the Old Testament and applying them to his everyday lifestyle. The basic principle behind Maker's Diet is to eat food that has been created by God and remains in its most natural form; in other words, eat foods with the least amount of processing. Under this way of thinking, a whole orange is more healthy than a glass of orange juice.

Eat Smart

While any of these diets may work for you, remember that you should never drastically change your dietary lifestyle without consulting your doctor. That being said, many of these and other Bible-oriented diets aren't about a particular religious belief. In fact, some of them even feature success stories from people who proclaim themselves non-religious. If you are interested in trying one of these diets, read all the facts and consult your doctor. Good luck!

Bible-Based Diet