Calories in Lollies

Calories in Lollies

Each day last year the average American consumed about 200 calories in lollies, known also as candy, especially hard candy.

Sugar Free vs. Regular Lollies

For those with a sweet tooth, it's tempting while dieting to find a way to satisfy those cravings for something sweet. But if you really want to lose weight lollies are not recommended as a regular part of your diet because they are not only high in calories but are also in low-nutritional value. But a lollie here and there can keep you satisfied. A popular option is low calorie or sugar free candies. The thing you'll want to weigh in your decision is are they good for you? And how many calories do you really save?

For years, dentists have claimed lollies cause tooth decay, and doctors tell us they promote weight gain when eaten in excess. With obesity on the rise, healthier lollie choices are flooding the market and gaining in popularity. But the savings in calories, in reality isn't much. Regular hard candies usually fall between 15-20 calories each, while sugar-free varieties typically have half as many because the artificial sweeteners used are sweeter than sugar and have half the calories.

Calories in Lollies

Bite size pieces of candy can seem so innocent. Just pop one in your mouth after lunch when you crave something sweet. That's fine, but if you are counting calories or calculating carbs, you need to be aware that the calories in lollies add up. Don't sit at your desk and eat from the candy jar. Take a look at the following table and you'll see how easy it is to eat 100 calories or more without thinking. And if you're on a 1200 calorie diet, you'll want to find a snack that provides more fiber and sticks with you longer.

Calories in Lollies
Lollie or Hard Candy Calories Carbohydrates Serving Size
Brach's Cinnamon Hard Candy 70 17 g. 3 pieces
Brach's Butterscotch Sugar Free 35 0 g. 3 pieces
Brach's Sugar Free Cinnamon Hard Candy 35 17 g. 3 pieces
Brach's Abra Cabubble 45 10 g. 1 piece
Brach's Strawberry Filled Hard Candy 50 13 g. 3 pieces
Werther's Original Hard Candy 60 13 g. 3 pieces
Butterscotch Hard Candy 23.7 5.72 g. 1 piece
Cream Savers Regular Hard Candy 70 13 g. 5 pieces
Jolly Ranchers Hard Candy 70 17 g. 3 pieces

Calories in Breath Mints

If you crave that little something sweet, and are trying to cut calories, you may want to consider replacing your lollie with a breath mint. Yes, breath mints are candy flavored with mint. And not all breath mints are created equal when it comes to calories so it is still important to know what you are putting in your mouth. However, in general you'll find breath mints much lower in calorie than traditional hard candies and even many sugar free candies.

Calories in Breath Mints
Breath Mint Calories Carbohydrates Serving Size
Ice Breakers Liquid Ice Mints 0 less than 1 g. 1 mint
Dentyne ICE Mints 1.3 0 g. 1 mint
Certs Breath Mints 4 1.7 g. 1 mint
Tic Tac 2 .5 g. 1 mint

How to Use Lollies to Help You Lose Weight

Even though lollies add calories to your diet, they are much less than most other dessert options. Even Angle Food Cake which is considered low has 128.5 calories for a slice. Taking this into consideration, plan ahead the next time you're going out to eat. Slip a lollie or two into your purse or pocket. Then when your companions sit around the table nibbling their delectable delights you can pull out your long lasting lollie and walk away from the table satisfied not only because you had dessert, but because you stayed within your calorie limit.

Calories in Lollies