Medifast Diet and Oprah Winfrey

 Up Close: Oprah Winfrey
Up Close: Oprah Winfrey

Have you heard about the Medifast Diet and Oprah Winfrey? See how your ears perked up? Poor Oprah. Seems like she's been credited for following just about every diet out there. The truth is that she has struggled with her on-again-off-again weight loss and every time she loses weight it makes the news. Unfortunately the same holds true when she gains the weight back.

Medifast Diet and Oprah Winfrey

Do you ever wonder how these kinds of rumors get started? When it comes to the Medifast Diet and Oprah Winfrey, it's most likely confusion. Perhaps those who started the rumor think Medifast is the liquid diet Oprah followed back in 1988 when she dropped 67 pounds and fit into those size 10 jeans. But that wasn't Medifast. It was a liquid fast that she followed for four months. That's right. She didn't eat a bite of solid food for four months. That is nothing like the Medifast Diet.

Medifast Difference

While many people experience the same kind of results on Medifast as Oprah did on her liquid diet, Medifast is anything but a liquid diet. It is a low calorie diet plan that provides pre-packaged meals and snacks, plus it allows for some regular food to be consumed. It is designed to help people learn how to eat less, but to eat a balanced diet. They offer a number of different eating plan options plus a coach who offers the support needed to help achieve weight loss goals. Lose up to 2-5 pounds a week.

Medifast actually offers several program variations and they all include solid food. Plans are based on an individual's:

  • Age
  • Weight loss goals
  • Activity level
  • Health conditions

Oprah's Regrets

Today Oprah admits that she regrets following that liquid diet and doesn't recommend it to anyone. Losing 67 pounds in four months was not only unhealthy, but she gained it back quickly. If you hear this story tied to the Medifast Diet, just dismiss it as a rumor.

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Medifast Diet and Oprah Winfrey