Medifast Success Story

Morgan Thomas Lost 80 Pounds on Medifast and 140 Pounds Total

LoveToKnow recently sat down with Morgan Thomas to talk to her about her Medifast success story. Morgan is a married, 44-year-old mother to a 10-year-old daughter and two cats. Her radio career spans 25 years, and today she owns her own voiceover business, Morgan Thomas Voiceovers, and has recently started her own catering business, Four Corner Creations, which is doing very well. Learn why she chose Medifast and why it worked so well for her.

Medifast Weight Loss Success Story Interview

Morgan Thomas' Dieting History

LoveToKnow (LTK): Thank you Morgan for taking the time to talk to LoveToKnow Diet about your Medifast success story. Before we talk about Medifast, let me ask about other diets you have tried.

Morgan Thomas (MT): Many years ago I tried Nutri-System, but the food was awful and all dehydrated. I'm sure it's changed by now. Weight Watchers worked for me, but my losses averaged ½ lb a week, which was just too slow for me with as much as I had to lose.

LTK: Why did you choose Medifast?

MT: I needed something that would let me lose faster. The magazine ad said 2-5 lbs a week and it's true. I loved how strict it was, too. There was no wiggle room for me to go off program, so it was easy for me to lose.

Following the Medifast Diet

LTK: In the day-to-day dieting, how was Medifast different from the other diets you've tried?

MT: It is very strict. There can be no deviating from the plan or you will stop losing and you know that, so it makes any temptations just not worth it. And by not having carbs and sugar in my life, the amount of energy I had everyday was amazing and so different for someone who had not only weight weighing them down, but poor nutrition too!

LTK: Did you experience any setbacks on the plan? Or did you feel bored, experience cravings for regular food, or want to cheat?

MT: I didn't really have any set backs on the plan, per se. I did fall "off the wagon" a couple of times-Christmas cookies took me down one day. Cravings? Yes, but it was the "old me" who was wanting something fried or slathered in frosting. No matter if I was on Medifast or not, that is a habit that had to be broken anyway. I will admit that after losing weight for over a year, I did hit a stretch where I had what is called program fatigue. I took about 6 weeks off just to give myself a break and was able to maintain. Once I got re-energized about losing, I went back on plan and continued to lose.

Thomas' Results

LTK: How much weight did you lose on the Medifast Diet?

MT: I lost 80 lbs on the Medifast Diet. 140 lbs total-80 with Medifast, 40 on my own and 20 on Weight Watchers.

Advice for Fellow Dieters

LTK: Your Medifast success story is inspiring. What advice do you offer to others who are struggling to lose weight?

MT: Don't give up. It took me the entire experience to find out what a serving size looks like-you gotta weigh and measure your food! I was shocked to find out how little food we actually are supposed to have! And Medifast taught me that my body does not process carbohydrates and sugar properly, so they had to go away... or at least be severely controlled. And prepare to deal with some mental baggage along the way, too. You are using food to patch something in your life and when you have to control your food, you are forced to deal with that open wound.

Results Can Vary

Results not typical. Typical weight loss results on the Medifast program are up to 2-5 pounds a week

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Medifast Success Story