Swine Flu Natural Remedies

Natural remedies

Swine flu natural remedies are extremely sought after, as people take precautions to prepare themselves for the worst. These natural remedies come in the form of herbs, proper hand washing and diet and nutrition, allowing you to boost your immune system, reduce the spread of infection and keep yourself germ-free.

About the Swine Flu

The swine flu, also called the H1N1 virus, is an influenza virus which presented itself in the United States in April 2009. The virus spreads the same way the influenzas of old transfer, from person-to-person through touch, coughing and sneezing. On June 11th of the same year, the World Health Organization announced a swine flu pandemic.

Why Is the Virus Called Swine Flu

The H1N1 virus was nicknamed the "swine flu" when laboratory tests discovered many of the genes in the virus were similar to influenza viruses common among North American swine. However, further studies reveal the differences between the H1N1 virus and those occurring in swine are vastly different.

Protecting Yourself from the Swine Flu

Protecting yourself from the swine flu is not a difficult endeavor, though the virus is contagious in nature. Careful hygiene practices are the first step. Keeping your hands clean, avoiding touching your face (especially your eyes and nose) and becoming more aware of potentially contaminated surfaces, such as public elevator buttons and handles and other commonly touched areas, may be crucial to staying well.

Healthy Immune System

For those who have become infected, most have recovered without incident, not requiring medical attention. A healthy immune system may be the reason. To keep your immune system healthy, able to ward off infection easily and combat illnesses when they strike, a healthy diet is essential.

Antioxidants and Immune System Function

Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals that remove harmful oxidants (free radicals) from the bloodstream. Free radicals are the toxic byproducts made by the body when food is transformed into energy. They also come from pollutants like cigarette smoke, sunlight exposure and a host of environmental factors. An excess of free radicals are damaging to the body's immune system. In addition, a lack of antioxidants in the diet is related to cancer, heart disease and diseases of the central nervous system. To boost your antioxidant intake consume sufficient fruits and vegetables everyday.

A Healthy Diet for Swine Flu Protection

A healthy diet is the body's muscle for living, giving you strength for each battle and fuel for every day. Healthy eating entails a wide variety of foods in addition to exercise, and stress management. Focusing on nurturing your body with careful attention to these factors will help you strengthen your immune system during periods of illness and keep yourself well protected in the face of outbreaks.

Herbs for Health

Herbs have been used for centuries to cure the common cold and aid with every imaginable ailment. Herbs that boost the immune system may help remedy illness like the swine flu. Echinacea and goldenseal are among the most widely used herbs for health. Find them over-the-counter at any pharmacy, grocery or health food store.

Exercise and Stress Management

With health clubs on nearly every corner, Americans are well aware of the benefits of fitness. Exercise is also a remedy for illness and an outlet for stress, helping you to stay healthy and infection-free.

Swine Flu Natural Remedies

Put the above tips to practice to boost your immunity and help strengthen your body for the onslaught of illnesses that are sure to threaten in cold and flu season. Swine flu natural remedies like diet, exercise, stress management and herbal therapies are sure to assist.

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Swine Flu Natural Remedies