Victoria Principal's Bikini Diet

Living Principal
7 Day or 30 Day Plan

The Victoria Principal Bikini Diet is a natural offshoot from Victoria Principal's own need to lose weight at a time in life when she had to drop some extra weight to fit into a bikini for a photo shoot. Through her books she provides the secrets to her own success in beauty and health.

Victoria Principal Bikini Diet

Within the pages of Living Principal, you can find the one-week Victoria Principal Bikini Diet as one of two diet options. This 7 day approach can be used to jump start weight loss efforts or as a way to help drop 5-10 pounds to get you swim-suit ready fast with a low-calorie, high fiber diet plan. Although this diet is healthy and has helped Victoria and hundreds of others lose weight successfully, Victoria Principal reminds her readers to get their doctor's blessing before starting this or any weight loss plan.

Sample Day from Victoria Principal's New Bikini Diet:

Day 1:


  • Scrambled egg white
  • 1 slice wheat toast, dry
  • Hot tea or decaf coffee


  • 1 slice turkey
  • Beverage


  • Steamed vegetable plate
  • Beverage

Victoria Principal Other Books

Victoria Principal is an actress, film star, entrepreneur and best-selling author on topics dealing with health, skin care and beauty.

The Body Principal

Published in 1983, The Body Principal is a guide for performing safe resistive exercises throughout everyday life. They are perfect for the person stuck behind a desk, the busy mom standing in line at the grocery store, or even while talking on the telephone. The idea behind this successful fitness plan is that it fits into a busy schedule and only takes 15-30 minutes a day and is a plan that can be incorporated into the rest of your life.

The Beauty Principal

The Beauty Principal is no longer in print. It included beauty techniques learned by Victoria within her professional and personal life. Women of the 80s learned that to be their best self took commitment, and that total beauty required work on the total woman.

The Diet Principal

The Diet Principal, published in 1987, was Victoria's first book dealing with weight loss and a healthy diet. This approach wasn't a temporary fix to shed a few pounds fast, but was promoted as a way of life that provided optimum nutrition and kept extra weight off. It offered 3 different diet plans for women and was based on Victoria's own experience as well as the expertise of doctors and nutritional experts.

Living Principal

Living Principal is Victoria's most recent book. While it does include the bikini diet, this book is written for women of every age. Victoria recently turned 50 herself, and Living Principal includes an entire anti-aging plan. For those who have read her earlier works, you'll see a carry over of the total mind and body healthful approach found in her earlier works.

This book's approach outlines the bikini diet and a plan to lose weight with the 30-Day Diet to Lose plan. It offers guidance in every area of the toal person to help you succeed and comes complete with recipes, information on what vitamins to take, exercises to perform and more. As a bonus, readers of this latest book will also learn about skin and hair care. With all this, one thing that's noteworthy is that while this book talks about anti-aging, Victoria Principal she also helps women to embrace their age and to grow older gracefully. Some topics covered include:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Hormones
  • Staying sexy after fifty

9 Living Principals

The 9 Living Principals found in Living Principal are covered one at a time in each of the 9 chapters:

  1. Slim down with the 30-Day Diet to Lose or quickly drop a few pounds with the seven-day Bikini Diet.
  2. Keep weight off with a balanced Diet for Life.
  3. Commit to whole-health with vitamins and supplements rich in antioxidants.
  4. Exercise anytime, anywhere. Use toning exercises to firm up your body while waiting in line, sitting at your desk, and even shopping.
  5. Develop a lifetime of beauty with regular skin, hair, teeth, and eye care.
  6. Stay sexy and change your attitude with tips on youthful maturity.
  7. Simplify your life by using Victoria's 1 to 10 scale to prioritize your daily routine.
  8. Make a daily practice of finding Ten Minutes of Joy each day to tend to your soul.
  9. Follow Victoria's 30-day program to look and feel ten years younger.
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