Where Can I Purchase Ezekiel Bread?

Ezekiel Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Bread

Ezekiel bread is often recommended in diet plans because it is a healthier alternative to white and even whole wheat bread. While it may be a bit more expensive than the average bread found in the supermarket, you'll soon be hooked on this tasty bread that has a rich flavor and wonderful texture.

Purchasing Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel bread is available at many grocery chains and health food stores. It's not located where you might think, however. You can't find Ezekiel bread in the bread aisle. Because it is highly perishable, it is kept in and sold from the freezer section of the store.

If you haven't seen this bread at your grocery store, the Food For Life company has a searchable database on their website. Go to Food For Life's store locator, and you will see a list of stores in your area that carry the products.


You can order the bread from Food For Life online too. It only comes in packs of six, and one six-pack of 24 ounce loaves costs a little over $70.00, but shipping is free. Because it is so perishable, you may have difficulty purchasing this bread on the Internet, but Amazon does sell it. It will be shipped with dry ice or ice packs so it stays frozen. Food Service Direct also allows you to order the bread online.

In Stores

Remember that you can always ask your local grocery store to carry it or order it for you. Likewise, there are kits and grain mixes available so you can make your own Ezekiel breads at home, such as this bread kit on Amazon.com.

You can find Ezekiel bread at:

  • Shoprite Stores
  • Amazon.com via online ordering
  • Trader Joe's
  • Kroger
  • Safeway
  • Local co-ops
  • Coburns
  • Whole Foods
  • Publix
  • Food City
  • Walmart

What Is Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Bread Sandwich

Ezekiel bread, created and marketed by Food For Life, uses sprouted grains in place of wheat. The original recipe is based on a verse in the Old Testament in Ezekiel 4:9 that says, "Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself." Sprouted grains are grain seeds that have been soaked and allowed to germinate, much like alfalfa sprouts. Ezekiel bread contains a number of sprouted grains including spelt, barley, wheat, and millet.

The sprouting process, as well as the combination of grains used in the bread, gives it several unique properties. Ezekiel bread contains all nine amino acids that make up a complete protein typically found only in animal products. It is also extremely high in fiber and low on the glycemic index, and it may be appropriate for diabetic and low carbohydrate diets.

Great Bread

While not appropriate for people with celiac disease because it still does contain wheat, Ezekiel bread is a great option for many. Keep it frozen as you use it, and enjoy this bread as a nutritious addition to your diet.

Where Can I Purchase Ezekiel Bread?