Men with Great Pecs

Men with Great Pecs

The pectoral muscles, commonly known as the pecs, are the chest muscles that give bodybuilders that full look. A broad chest narrowing to a smaller waist is the "in" look in weightlifting circles, but anyone can benefit from great pecs.

It may take some time and a lot of work to get the pecs you'll see in this gallery, but men with great pecs feel the hard work is well worth it. Not only do these guys look good in tank tops and muscle shirts, they look fantastic every time they go shirtless at the beach or pool.

A Good Weight Workout

Working out with weights will help you develop good-looking, strong pectorals, but a healthy and nutritious eating plan is equally important.

A Great Side View

From the front or from the side, men with great pecs look amazing from all angles.

A Smooth Look

Not surprisingly, bodybuilders almost always remove hair from most of their body parts, as this gives a smooth look that brings full attention to their muscles.

Slim and Streamlined

The definition of great pecs may differ from person to person. Some people love huge pectorals, while others prefer a more streamlined look.

Pecs into Abs

Guys with great pecs often have a killer set of six-pack abs to match.

In the Water

No doubt about it -- any man in shape like this won't worry about going shirtless at the beach or poolside.

Low Body Fat

Men are predisposed to carry less body fat than women, so guys may find it easier to melt away fat and reveal the firm muscles underneath.

The Right Weights

Not every guy will develop big pecs like these, but a smart weight-training regimen can get him closer.

In Super Shape

It may be hard to focus on the pecs with abs like these, but try!

More models of male fitness may provide you with the motivation and inspiration you need to give your next workout everything you've got.

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Men with Great Pecs