Children's Exercise and Physical Activity Ideas

Updated July 15, 2019

Go Out and Play!

With an increase in obesity rates and obesity-related health risks, it's more important than ever to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan. Children are not immune to these issues, which is why exercise should be a part of their everyday lives.

Kids love to play, so to get them moving, try to make activity fun. These various examples of physical exercises for children accommodate kids of all ages.

Make a Splash

Most children love swimming or splashing around in a pool or the ocean.

Parents should always supervise kids in the water - what better way to do that than to take a dip yourself?

On the Ice

Playing hockey can burn a lot of calories and be a lot of fun at the same time.

This fast-paced sport requires cardiovascular endurance and agility.

Namaste Kids

Kids can benefit greatly from the calming affect of yoga. It's also a fantastic way to help them develop balance and coordination, both of which will make them more steady on their feet as they grow older.

Starting yoga practice as a child sets them up for a lifelong activity that will benefit them greatly throughout the years.

Soccer Stars

Soccer requires coordination and skill. Playing on a team bolsters confidence and social skills, as well as provides a good deal of exercise.

This popular sport is common among youth athletes and shouldn't be difficult to find in your town or city.

Fun Runs

Most kids are natural runners, but organized fun runs can elevate the experience for kids and give them a real sense of accomplishment as they cross the finish line.

Make sure you choose a race that is appropriate for kids and train beforehand to set them up for success.

Physical Exercises for Children

Don't forget to stretch! While children are often naturally limber, teaching them to stretch at a young age demonstrates how important it is.

Getting into the habit of proper stretching will help injury prevention in later years, too.

Team Players

Whether baseball, basketball or football, playing on a team is beneficial for children of all ages.

Learning to work with a team is a skill that will benefit a kid as they grow.

Strong Kids, Strong Bodies

With the proper guidance and training, kids as young as 5 can start basic weightlifting. It's important to find a strength coach well-versed in training young athletes in order to avoid injuries or the development of bad habits.

Tennis, Anyone?

Hand-eye coordination, speed and agility may all improve when a child takes up tennis.

Kids with an independent, competitive nature will thrive in this sport.

Tough Kids

Training kids in boxing or martial arts isn't just about self-confidence and bully prevention strategies - it's a viable way to get kids fit and build strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Find training programs specific to kids so your child doesn't get overwhelmed in an adult program.

On Two Wheels

Most children know how to ride a bike. In addition to taking them where they want to go, bicycling strengthens legs and improves balance.

When the weather won't allow a bike ride, a stationary bike can be a fun alternative, especially if it allows kids to ride while watching videos or playing video games.

Have a Ball!

Give a group of children a ball and they'll make their own fun and games. Structured play is nice at times, but adults should let kids take the lead and just feel free to play, too.

You may be surprised to find that, when left to their own devices and given plenty of room, kids will exercise for fun.

Natural Climbers

If you're frustrated by constantly needing to tell your kid to stop climbing on things, switch it around to your advantage.

Kids who are natural climbers will love age-appropriate climbing walls or the opportunity to climb outside. Climbing builds strength and stamina.

Encourage Movement

Kids want to move. While there is certainly a time and a place for sitting still, children should be encouraged to move as much as possible.

Encourage an active lifestyle and lead by example. Starting your own exercise program might just inspire your kids to follow.

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Children's Exercise and Physical Activity Ideas