Women Fitness Models

Fitness Is Fun!


It is often the case that women fitness models are given the task to make exercise and fitness look like lots of fun. Not only is exercising fun, but having a body that you're happy with when you look in the mirror is also great fun.

Outdoor Workouts


A great way to have fun working out is to exercise outside or in another environment that is lots of fun or relaxing. Whether for you that's Pilates on the beach or playing basketball with a group of colleagues, finding something that suits you is important. This fitness model shows an outdoor option.

Traditional Workouts


Fitness models are often depicted in traditional gym settings. This girl seems to be having lots of fun lifting weights at the gym.

Ab Workout


Crunches are an excellent ab workout. This model demonstrates the technique as well as the result one can get from doing crunches regularly.

Stretching for a Lean Look


Female fitness models are often shown stretching to offset the severity of many exercise programs. A good stretch before and after exercising is not only a good idea for your muscles, it also feels great!

Women Fitness Model Demo


Fitness models sometimes demonstrate how to use equipment. After all, it can be quite confusing trying to read all of the steps of how to do a given exercise. Women fitness models often perform Pilates and other exercises step by step while being recorded in pictures.

Yoga for Fitness


Yoga poses are also often photographed so that yoga students can get an idea of what the pose is supposed to look like. This model is showing an inverted lotus position.

Magazine Fitness Models


Of course, fitness models often show off the great condition that those who work out can achieve. Fitness models on the covers of magazines are frequently shown in bathing suits in order to show off as much of their healthy body as possible.

Strong Arms


While most exercise models are lightly muscled, some are very strong, like this lady. Fitness models are needed of all different levels, from those who just put on the outfit and act like they're working out, to models who have clearly put their physical fitness high on their priority list for years and years.

Extreme Fitness


Female bodybuilders are also sometimes fitness models. Check out a full gallery of [[Slideshow:Bodybuilder Gallery|bodybuilder images]] if this type of fitness model is your favorite type.

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Women Fitness Models