Abby McCoy, RN, BSN

Abby McCoy, RN, BSN

Abby McCoy, RN BSN is a registered nurse in the United States. She has practiced nursing in a wide variety of roles and brings 16 years of nursing experience to her writing. She has a deep passion for patient education which led her to start writing health content and has since written for sources like Remedy Health Media as well as some small businesses. You can see more of her writing on her website and LinkedIn. Abby lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children and she loves reading, hiking, hot black tea, and cold weather.


Abby started her career in the adult world and has worked in trauma, orthopedics, burn/wound care, diabetic management, home health care, case management, and care of hospitalized incarcerated individuals. She has worked at three level I trauma centers in the St. Louis area and several Magnet-certified hospitals.

When she moved to pediatrics, Abby continued to work with trauma and orthopedic patients, but also saw patients needing spinal surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, liver and kidney transplants, burn/wound care, post-op surgical care, and behavioral/psychiatric care.

International Work

While in nursing school, Abby volunteered at a health clinic in Kosovo and an AIDS Hospice in South Africa. More recently, she assisted at a clinic in rural Kenya giving IV antibiotics and participating in the nationwide MMR immunization program for children. She remains active with several organizations which help fight hunger, clean water shortage, and disease worldwide.

Education and Certifications

St. Louis University School of Nursing 2006 Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers from the American Heart Association

Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization from the American Heart Association



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Abby McCoy, RN, BSN