Finding Cheap Maternity Clothes You'll Really Like

cheap maternity clothes

If you think purchasing a lot of maternity clothes at premium prices seems like a waste of good money, now's the time to start searching for cheap maternity clothes. Many women do not even start wearing maternity clothes until their fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. If you purchase cheap maternity clothes, you'll have more money to spend on cute outfits for your bundle of joy!

Low Cost Department Stores

Many large retailers carry inexpensive and fashionable maternity clothes for all stages of your pregnancy. Some examples of these types of stores include:

  • Target, for casual wear, work-appropriate attire, intimates, and swimsuits
  • Walmart, for a little of everything, similar to Target's selection
  • Old Navy, for on-trend casual clothes, swimsuits, accessories, and more
  • JCPenney, for casual and business casual tops, bottoms, and dresses, plus loungewear and swimwear

You can go into the brick-and-mortar version of these stores to buy maternity clothes if you'd prefer to try them on first. However, you can also purchase these clothes from the online stores if it's more convenient for you.

Impressive Savings

In these stores, you should be able to find most items for under $30 (and often much less than that!). Ask if there are any ways to get special deals, too. For example, if you sign up for a Target debit card, you may be eligible for a small discount on each transaction. If you open an Old Navy credit card, that could make you eligible for more savings on the spot or in the future via mailers and coupons.

Shop Online for Deals

Many online stores sell maternity clothes at a discount. Most online stores have clearance and sales pages where you can find even better deals.

Zulily is a great resource site. They send you frequent emails with daily deals on maternity clothes. Some other online options include:

  • Motherhood Closet: Sells gently used maternity clothes and offers you the opportunity to sell your maternity clothes after you give birth. The cost varies based on the time of year, type of clothing you're looking for, brand name, etc., but you can shop by price range.
  • Mine for Nine: Rents maternity clothes (tops, bottoms, dresses, suits, and coats), many of which are designer brands at a fraction of the cost. For example, if you don't want to spend $150+ for a dress to wear for a special occasion or two, rent one for around $50, keep it for about a month, and return it.
  • Pink Blush: Offers pregnancy-friendly versions of the hottest styles without asking you to spend your child's future college funds to look good. Shirts, for example, are often around $20 to $30.

If you look online for store-specific discount codes, you may even find deals or sales at some of the specialty boutiques, which may typically be more expensive, like A Pea In The Pod or Motherhood. You can really find almost any type of maternity clothing that you want online without emptying your wallet.

Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops

Since pregnant women seldom wear out their maternity clothes before the end of their pregnancy, thrift stores and consignment shops offer great deals on cheap maternity clothes that still look like new. Many towns even have consignment shops that specialize in maternity clothes, while other shops offer a more general selection.

Don't limit yourself to the stores that specialize in maternity wear, though. Look through the maternity racks in stores with a wider selection, the plus sizes, and even men's clothing for cheap maternity clothes.

Don't forget to check at children's consignment shops. Stores that specialize in second-hand baby clothes often devote a section of their rack space to maternity clothes. This is a great time to get familiar with these shops before a newborn infant demands the majority of your time.

Borrow Maternity Clothes

If cheap maternity clothes are good, free maternity clothes are better. Look to your significant other for clothing options. While your blue jeans may no longer fit, your partner's jeans may hold you over for a few weeks. His dress shirts may be roomier and offer the longer length your own do not.

Before you purchase new maternity clothes, ask your friends and family if they saved their maternity clothes and will lend them to you. You may also be able to borrow plus-size clothing since stretch pants, baggy shirts, and dresses with no waistline can get you through that awkward stage when maternity clothes look miles too big and your own clothes no longer fit without binding.

Mix and Match

If you decide to buy new and more costly maternity clothes, you should look for basic items that can mix and match into a multitude of outfits. While a dress may only be worn once a week or every couple of weeks, a pair of black slacks can be paired with different shirts and jackets to give you several unique looks. The cost of the black slacks divided by the number of times you can wear them in the few short months equals less money spent per time worn.

Maternity Undergarments

Maternity underwear may also be a necessity while you are pregnant. If you wear bikini underwear, you may not need to purchase maternity underwear, but if you wear briefs, consider purchasing stretchy underwear that still fit after your pregnancy.

If you intend to nurse your baby, you may want to purchase items that can be re-purposed for use while nursing. Purchasing nursing bras that adjust as your breasts change size during your pregnancy will serve you well now and beyond through the months you nurse.

Look Your Best for Less

Pregnancy is a blessed time in your life. It can also be a time of discomfort if you experience morning sickness, swollen ankles, and constipation. Do not make this time even more uncomfortable by avoiding the purchase of comfortable clothes that do not bind and yet still make you feel attractive. With a little creative thought and sharp shopping skills, you can buy cheap maternity clothes that will get you through your pregnancy in style.

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