6 Gifts Pregnant Moms Will Truly Appreciate

Treat the mom-to-be to a special gift

If you're looking for gifts for pregnant moms, you've come to the right place. Whether you're shopping for your sister or your best friend, LoveToKnow Pregnancy is here to offer the advice you need to select a present that's guaranteed to be a hit!

Creative Gifts for Pregnant Moms

While most pregnant moms receive a number of gifts from friends and family during their baby showers, the majority of these items are things that are needed for the baby's nursery. Diapers and baby clothes are certainly important, but it's still a nice gesture to congratulate the mom-to-be with a gift that's just for her.

A Spa Gift Basket

Pregnancy hormones can create dramatic changes in a woman's skin and hair, while making it hard to relax. Spa baskets make great gifts for pregnant moms because they encourage the mom-to-be to take the time to pamper herself.

You can either make your own spa basket by creating an attractive arrangement of products in a pretty container or purchase a gift from one of the following Web sites:

Maternity Clothing Store Gift Certificate

Although some women consider shopping for a new maternity wardrobe to be one of the most enjoyable parts of pregnancy, others hate the thought of spending a small fortune on clothing that can only be worn for a few short months. However, the mom-to-be will still need a few good outfits to wear regardless. Give her a gift certificate to the nearest maternity store and let her pick out something that's cute and comfortable enough to wear until the baby arrives!

A Simple Scrapbook Kit

Many women are so overwhelmed by the thought of getting ready for their new bundle of joy that they forget to take the time to record their thoughts and feelings about their pregnancy. A simple scrapbook kit that encourages the mom-to-be to jot down a few notes about this special time makes a great gift. Visit LoveToKnow Scrapbooking for tips on selecting the perfect kit for preserving precious pregnancy memories.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

If you're on a tight budget, there's no need to worry about finding the perfect gift for the mom-to-be. The gift of your time is sure to be appreciated just as much as any item you can find at your local mall.

Childcare Services

If this isn't her first pregnancy, consider offering to watch her older children for the afternoon so she can get some rest or work on preparing the baby's nursery. Many women report that their second pregnancy is much more difficult because they need to keep up with an active family while battling morning sickness, fatigue, and other troublesome pregnancy symptoms. This makes childcare services very useful gifts for pregnant moms.

Quick and Easy Meals

Between nausea and weird food cravings, many women don't feel like cooking during their pregnancy. Take some of the pressure off the mom-to-be by preparing a selection of casseroles that can be frozen and reheated as needed. Visit LoveToKnow Recipes if you need a few ideas to help you get started.

Advice She Can Actually Use

Many women receive a number of pregnancy and parenting books when they learn they are expecting a baby. Unfortunately, many of these books contain advice that's not exactly practical once the stress of everyday life sets in. Help the mom-to-be get it right by making a humorous book entitled "Pregnancy and Motherhood: The Inside Scoop." This can include everything from creative ways to sneak in a morning shower to recipes for snacks she can eat with one hand while she's busy taking care of the baby. Since every new mom is worried about her parenting skills, you may also want to share a few of the embarrassing things you did with your own child - such as the time you were so tired you took your daughter out of the house with no diaper.

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6 Gifts Pregnant Moms Will Truly Appreciate