28 Flower and Gift Ideas for Pregnancy

Updated October 17, 2019

Buying Flowers and Gifts for Pregnancy


When it comes to flowers and gifts for pregnancy, you have many options to consider. Some gifts are sweet and sentimental, while others celebrate the more practical aspects of motherhood. Just like when you're shopping for other occasions, it's best to choose a gift that fits the recipient's personality. There are lots of simple gifts or DIY options you can choose from.

Succulents, a Cactus, or an Easy-Care Plant


Pregnant women are already prepping for the baby bundle that's going to take up a lot of time, so give a gift that doesn't require a lot of time or effort. Succulents, a cactus, or other plant that doesn't require a lot of babying will help brighten up her home with zapping her energy.

Flowers With Special Meanings


Flowers are another way to brighten up home, and you can give a meaningful gift by surprising your friend or loved one with a bouquet or individual flowers. Before you choose to gift fresh flowers, check whether the flowers are toxic or harmful and avoid them. Lily of the Valley, Foxglove, Morning Glory, Wolf's Bane, and Oleander should NOT be given to pregnant women.

You may want to consider flowers that have a special meaning, such as:

  • Apple blossom - indicates promise
  • Sunflowers - mean luck
  • Violets - suggest faithfulness
  • Azalea - signifies abundance

Pregnancy Journals


A pregnancy journal is a thoughtful gift for the new mom-to-be. Consider decorating the front of a plain journal with photos, baby-themed stickers, or craft items that represent her favorite things.

DIY Playlist With Soothing Music


Whether she's trying to relax at home, preparing for labor, or in labor in the hospital, a playlist with soothing music is a special gestures. Create one for her with special songs you've chosen.

Natural Bath and Body Products


Many pregnant women like to use natural or organics bath and body products for their own health and baby's health. Consider making some natural soap products or buying an assortment or certified organic bath and body items and putting them together in a basket for a pregnancy gift she'll appreciate.

Faux Flowers


If your pregnant friend or loved one has allergies or is sensitive to scents due to morning sickness, you may want to consider a bouquet or an arrangement of faux flowers instead of real ones. Craft stores usually have a wide variety of faux flower options.

DIY Fruit Delivery


Fruit delivery baskets are a great gift idea for moms-to-be because they are healthy and ease some of her cravings, but they can be expensive. If you live close by, consider making a DIY fruit basket from grocery store produce to deliver each month to her instead.

Smoothie Maker and Ingredients


Another thoughtful gift idea is to give a smoothie maker to a pregnant friend. If she tells you early on, smoothies can be just the thing to fight off morning sickness. Create a recipe book from online smoothie recipes and pick up ingredients for one of the smoothies when you gift it to her.

DIY Tea Sampler and Mother’s Mug


Most pregnant moms find tea soothing. Put together a selection of teas and a special Mother's mug to create a simple DIY tea set gift she'll love. Ginger and mint teas may help ease nausea if she has morning sickness.

Cute Compression Socks


Lots of ladies wear compression socks when they are expecting to help ease swelling. Look for a cute pair, such a solid color with a texture or a colorful pattern.

Set of Cute Baskets or Bins for The Nursery


Help little mama get organized with a set of great baskets or bins to coral gear for the nursery. Consider her nursery theme and go for ones that will coordinate with it.

Meal Kit Delivery Subscription


Help her out with dinner by gifting a meal kit delivery subscription. She'll be thrilled with healthy, delicious food she can prepare quickly and without running to the store. You could also put together your own meal kits and deliver them if you live nearby.

A Diaper Bag That’s Actually Cute


No mom wants an ugly diaper bag. Instead of those tired old cartoon characters, get her something functional and stylish, like a cute backpack diaper bag.

Pregnancy Photo Shoot


Gift a photo pregnancy shoot (or offer to do one yourself if you're handy with a camera for a free pregnancy gift). Create some fun props and signs she can use to enhance the images and create artistic maternity photos.

Organic Cotton Baby Clothing


The expecting mom will love a thoughtful gift like organic baby clothing that will keep her little one soft, safe, and warm. Look for places that have certified organic products.

Handmade Blanket, Sweater, or Cap


It's a classic, but for good reason. If you can knit or crochet, a special handmade item like this will be treasured forever.

Supportive Shoes That Are Actually Stylish


Pregnant women need supportive shoes, whether it's just for walking around the house or an activity like yoga. Find out her size and give the gift of a great pair of supportive athletic shoes.

Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils


Adult coloring can be soothing and relaxing, and no one needs a stress-reliever like an expecting mom! An adult coloring book and pencils makes a great gift. You could also print adult coloring pages and create your own book.

DIY Pampering Pedicure and Manicure Kit


Put together a simple kit with pedicure and manicure supplies and non-topic nail polish so she can have a DIY manicure. If she's in her second or third trimester, you may want to offer to do the pedicure, too.

Fun Family Calendar or Planner


The new mom will have plenty on her plate, so a great calendar that can keep her organized after the baby is born makes a great gift.

Online Book or Magazine Subscription


Expecting mothers often need a little more downtime from tired feet, aching backs, and general fatigue. Help her relax with an online magazine or book subscription.

Baby Countdown Chalkboard


Create a baby countdown board with a simple chalkboard. Add a countdown phrase with white paint, and give her a set of chalk to mark down the days or weeks until little one arrives.

Fun Nightlight in Nursery Colors


Those nighttime feedings are going to mean lots of trips to the nursery. Gift a fun nightlight (in the nursery colors so it coordinates) to help her make it through the nights.

Personalized Art for the Nursery


If you have some art or craft talent, use a canvas to create a fun piece of artwork for the nursery to give as a gift. Animals, balloons, or even an inspiration saying will help brighten the space.

Back or Foot Massager


Help your preggie friend, sister, wife, or girlfriend ease a sore back or feet. The gift of a back or foot massager will do wonders for her well being.

Weekly or Monthly Pregnancy Surprise Basket


Not sure what to get a pregnant woman? Consider wrapping a variety of small pampering items individually (things like lotion, bath bombs, lip balm, and so on) and putting them in a basket. Include instructions for her to open a surprise each week (or whenever she feels like she needs a boost!).

Diaper Cake


You can't go wrong with the gift of a classic diaper cake. If she knows what gender the baby is, use themed or patterned diapers to make it look even more cute.

Flowers With Color Meanings


You can also choose a color and gift flowers like carnations in that shade. Pink, for example means happiness, green signifies wellness, and orange indicates joy. Be sure to choose ones that have a mild scent in case she is sensitive to smells during pregnancy.

Considerate Gifts for Pregnant Women


Whether it's a pretty bouquet or carnations or more involved DIY or handmade gift, a pregnant mom-to-be will be touched by your efforts to give her something thoughtful and uplifting. Think about her personality and interests, and choose a thoughtful pregnancy gift that will brighten her day.

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28 Flower and Gift Ideas for Pregnancy