Is the Intelligender Gender Prediction Test Accurate?

Urine sample

The IntelliGender gender prediction test is the first urine test developed for home use. The product was created by two moms and has been on the market since 2006.

Gender Prediction

Predicting gender has been a subject of fascination for women for generations. Even though sonograms offer reliable results, many pregnant women can't wait until they are far along enough to have a sonogram to discover the baby's sex. Many look to old wives' tales and unreliable methods to predict gender.

Questionable Tests

The results are typically as reliable as a guess and some tests can be dangerous, especially ones that use harsh chemicals like the Drano gender prediction home test. Other approaches include wedding ring tests, Chinese calendars, belly tests, and even pencils. While the idea of predicting the baby's gender accurately using traditional methods is appealing, the results can be inaccurate.

Development of the IntelliGender Prediction Test

Home pregnancy tests have been around for a long time, and a pair of moms decided that it was time for a home gender prediction test to be developed. The IntelliGender home gender prediction kit is the answer many impatient expectant mothers may be looking for, or it may be a way to relieve them of $35.

What Is the IntelliGender Prediction Test?

The test is very simple to use and is quite similar to a home pregnancy urine test. The product is very appealing because of its low cost and its ease of use.

How the Test Works

Women taking the urine test should do so first thing in the morning before having their first urination.

  1. The mom-to-be collects the urine in a test vessel provided in the kit. The instructions suggest swirling the urine in a circular motion quickly to mix with chemicals present in the container.
  2. The urine contains hormones that make the chemicals change colors. The vessel is placed on a white surface and within 10 minutes, the results are evident. The urine should turn orange if the baby is a girl and green if the baby is a boy.
  3. The exciting aspect of the test is that it can be taken as soon as six weeks after the pregnant woman's first missed period. Just 10 weeks into the pregnancy, and the gender of the baby is uncovered. This is 10 weeks earlier than the sonogram takes place, which is at week 20.


The IntelliGender prediction kit was inspired by two moms but the actual product was developed by professionals who claim to have isolated specific hormones that can be detected with chemicals. The test has been in the news and reality TV star Kendra Baskett used the Intelligender test to predict the gender of her baby boy.

The test was accurate for her but will it work for everyone? Not according to many professionals in the field. The article, "IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test as Accurate as a Coin Toss, Doctors Say" by Mitch Lipka has a title that says it all. While the notion of a home kit that works as accurately as a sonogram is very appealing, it just doesn't seem to be the case with this product.

Testing for Fun

The developers of the product note that the product is designed to be "for fun" rather than a method that should replace accurate readings in sonograms. The company states that the product is not 100 percent accurate in its Frequently Asked Questions section.

The key to discovering whether the product really works or not is science. While Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Jeffrey Ecker, is more than willing to examine the science behind the kit, the makers of the product are not accepting the offer, according to Lipka's article. He also writes that City Attorney Dennis Herrera is demanding proof of the company's claims.

Beyond Intelligender

While gender prediction tests are fun, medical technology is more accurate. The good news is that you can be fairly sure of the gender of your baby at 20 weeks after having an ultrasound, and most definitely after labor and delivery.

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Is the Intelligender Gender Prediction Test Accurate?