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Photos of Pregnant Bellies

Every woman's body changes during pregnancy, and watching your belly blossom in those final weeks can be quite an experience. Just remember that every baby bump is beautiful in its own way, and no two ever seem to look quite the same.

Whether you're newly pregnant and want a look at what lies ahead or you just want to see how your bump stacks up against those of other very pregnant women, this gallery shows a variety of pregnant bellies, along with some useful tips and info.

Bellies and Gender

According to old wives' tales, a woman who carries high is going to have a girl, while a woman who carries low is going to have a boy. This "belly test" has never been scientifically proven, but it is fun trying to guess.

Carrying Out Front

Forget carrying high or low; some women carry right out front, which can really accentuate their belly size.

Fashionable Pregnant Bellies

Celebrate your newfound curves with some form-fitting maternity clothes. Modern maternity fashions are just as stylish as the clothes you'd normally wear. No more tent tops for today's expectant moms!

Showcase Your Belly with Lingerie

Surprise your spouse by showing off your very pregnant belly in some sexy new lingerie. The reaction might be more positive than you ever anticipated!

Moisturize to Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are fairly common during pregnancy, but regular use of moisturizer containing vitamin E and cocoa butter may reduce the appearance of these unsightly lines.

Moisturizing is especially important in the final months of pregnancy when your belly is stretched to the limit.

Belly Line

Some baby bumps develop a line of dark pigment down the middle, known as linea nigra. This pigment is only temporary and fades away after delivery.

Not every expectant mother will develop linea nigra, and having it with one pregnancy doesn't necessarily ensure it will appear with the next one.

Photograph Your Baby Bump

A pregnancy portrait can be a great keepsake from this special time in your life. If you're not able to afford the services of a professional photographer, ask your spouse or a trusted friend to snap a few shots.

Another Photo Opportunity

If you already have another child, it may be difficult for him or her to understand that another baby is on the way. Encourage your child to feel your baby bump and listen closely to what's happening inside. Capture a photo of the moment, and you have another gem for your pregnancy scrapbook.

It's Twins!

One baby can create quite a big bump, but when there are twins involved, expect your belly to grow nearly twice the size of a single pregnancy.

Announcing twins is especially fun if you find a creative way to do it like this mom did.

Will This Baby Ever Come Out?

By the time women reach nine months, many begin to wonder if their babies are ever going to make an appearance. Carrying around all that extra weight and negotiating around the size of their very pregnant bellies can be exhausting, not to mention frustrating.

It's natural to feel overwrought at times, but rest assured that the end is near. Soon there will be a new little baby to love, and you'll marvel at the fact that he ever fit inside of you, no matter how big your belly was at the end.

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Very Pregnant Belly Gallery