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While not as common as the roll-on or stick varieties, and not nearly as advertised, aerosol deodorants are available in many American drug stores. To apply these deodorants, the user shakes the can three or four times, removes the lid and holds the deodorant about three inches from his or her underarm. Then he or she sprays it on for about three seconds. A thin film covers the skin to prevent or mask wetness and body odor.

Advantages of Aerosol Deodorants

There are several advantages to using aerosol deodorants over the other types:

  • There is less risk of the white build-up that occurs with many stick deodorants and can transfer to the user's clothing.
  • The deodorant is fast and easy to apply, with less reaching required than with sticks or roll-ons when applying it to the underarms.
  • It dries fairly quickly, often almost immediately, and is easy to rinse off if needed.

Disadvantages of These Deodorants

This deodorant type also has its drawbacks:

  • If the can isn't aimed properly, deodorant can end up on other parts of the body, such as the arms and shoulders.
  • Some complain of fumes that get in their eyes, mouths or noses when they spray, since directing the mist is not an exact science.
  • There is an ongoing debate as to whether aerosol propellants are damaging to the environment.
  • No commonly available aerosol deodorant is made with certified organic or 100 percent natural ingredients.

Note that aerosol sprays no longer contain chlorofluoro carbons, or CFCs, which were found to be responsible for the hole in the ozone layer. However, they do contain chemicals that some worry about. For example, in order for the deodorant to spray on effectively, it usually has either propane, butane or isobutene in it. The can is also pressurized, so care has to be taken when storing or disposing of it. It can only handle a certain degree of heat as well.

Buying Aerosol Deodorants

There are several brands of aerosol deodorant on the market. These include:

  • Right Guard Sport - Right Guard was the first brand of this type of deodorant available in the U.S. The sport variety is designed to help prevent sweat stains that occur on clothing when people work out.
  • Arid XX - Like the name implies, the focus of this deodorant is on dryness. It is also formulated to go on clear, although most aerosols are clear by nature.

Some brands of aerosol deodorant, such as Arid, are also available as antiperspirant-deodorants. This means that they work not only to mask sweat but to prevent a person from perspiring in the first place. It may be easier to order these deodorants on the Web than to try to find them in a traditional retail outlet.

Effects on Skin

As stated above, aerosol deodorants can contain aluminum, which can trigger allergies in some people. However, this ingredient is not limited to the aerosol variety. There have also been cases of dermatitis linked to aerosol deodorants that contain vitamin E. But some people find that using aerosols works better for their skin than other deodorant types.

As with any other product that comes in contact with the skin, people with allergies should read the ingredients list carefully. They should also stop using the product as soon as an adverse reaction is noticed.

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Aerosol Deodorants