Natural Skincare for African Americans


Natural skincare for African Americans can be a difficult thing to achieve, as the skin composition is much more unique. Read on for some ideas on treating this gorgeous skin type, as well as what to stay away from!

Understanding African American Skin

Those with light skin often envy the dark beauty of black women who avoid sunburns and other common skincare annoyances so easily - and they do so with good reason. Black skin can often be considered the most beautiful of all skin tones and types, however it can also be very sensitive and difficult to manage. Knowing which products to avoid and which ones will give you a winning look will help you to be confident about your dark skin and know how to properly care for and enhance its beauty.

Natural skincare for African Americans is a popular route now that we are discovering the unnecessary ingredients found within most mainstream skincare products. Not only do these not help our skin, some may actually cause damage in the long run. For this reason, those with dark skin should always avoid skin lighteners or anything similar that contains steroids. This can damage your skin permanently and leave you with a worse condition than you may have had before. Even more serious, some skin lighteners contain mercury, which can be poisonous to the human body.

For these reasons, many African American women are turning to natural skin care and enjoying great results.

Natural Skincare for African Americans

When opting for natural skincare and makeup, the trick is to discover the multitude of undertones found in black skin. With a larger emphasis on ethnic makeup colors in recent years, this has become a much easier task. Too many women make the mistake of settling for makeup designed for Caucasian women, when for the same price they could be purchasing items formulated especially for their own skin tones.

Natural skincare for African Americans usually demands a higher concentration of oil, since darker skin types tend to become drier than their fair-skinned counterparts. Products containing emu oil are especially popular in the natural skincare world. Moisture is also vital due to the fact that African American skin is notorious for losing its elasticity and developing stretch marks more easily than other skin types.

There are plenty of natural products available to prevent that from happening. Organic blends of sandalwood, papaya, almond, and rose oils help to fade problem areas naturally and easily, without polluting your skin with unnecessary toxins. Many herbalists will tell you it takes around seven weeks to achieve optimal results, however it is still usually considered more effective than over the counter creams that contain potentially harmful products.

Many natural skincare products for darker skin are derived from traditional recipes with roots found in Africa. Combining native ingredients such as mango butter, green tea, and olive oil, women have been using many variations of these early recipes for years. Nubian Heritage is one such skincare company that relies on the success of passed down traditions to achieve optimal results within their product line. Specializing in items for dark skin tones, the company's products will allow you to transform your skin into flawless beauty without spending a fortune.

Shea butter is a final popular choice for those looking for natural skin care solutions. This quality skincare ingredient, drawn out of the nuts of a native African plant, has enjoyed a lot of exposure in the mainstream market recently. However it has been a consistent favorite within natural skincare circles for years.

Shea helps African Americans avoid common skin ailments such as minor rashes and irritations. It soothes dry skin and absorbs into the pores quickly so you can apply your makeup and start your day. At times, it can also be beneficial in treating blemishes and wrinkles.

If you are interested in natural skincare no matter what your skin type or tone, the Internet is a great place to start. There are dozens of quality websites selling products at reasonable prices. However, natural products are becoming much more commonplace in drug stores and at beauty counters.

Stick to natural skincare if you are an African American looking to preserve and treat your skin with love.

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