Skin Care Advice from Victoria Principal

Actress and Principal Secret founder, Victoria Principal.
Victoria Principal

Victoria Principal is renowned for her acting accomplishments, but it's her collection of skin care, Principal Secret, that's really got the beauty industry buzzing. Reclaim, the line's anti-aging system, is a breakthrough collection of cleansers, eye serums and moisturizers formulated for daily use and touted for its instantaneous, long-lasting results. The actress took some time to talk to LoveToKnow about the products and share some tried-and-true tips for achieving and maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

Expert Skin Care Tips

When to Begin an Anti-Aging Regimen

LTK: The desire to age gracefully and maintain youthful skin is timeless. Do you think it's important for people to begin an anti-aging regimen early?

VP: The sooner you begin the better. I think 25-years-old is the age to begin anti-aging regimens, as your skin is just beginning to show visible wear.

Sensitive Skin Care

LTK: You have mentioned that your skin is sensitive. It is also flawless! What is your advice for people who suffer from easily irritated skin?

VP: Do not use products that are perfumed! Would you splash your perfume on your face? I don't think so! So many people with sensitive skin are using regimens that contain unnecessary and harsh ingredients.

Maintaining Healthy Skin

LTK: In addition to a smart skin care regimen, do you have any recommendations for achieving healthy skin - and maintaining it?

VP: Make sure to drink plenty of water, get outside and enjoy fresh air and make sure to think of your age as how you feel, not how long you've lived on this planet; good judgment is the secret to the youthful glow we all want!

Skin Care Essentials

LTK: At the bare minimum, what products should a woman have in her arsenal of daily skin care products?

VP: At the bare minimum, a woman (and man for that matter!) should have a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer with SPF for day, and eye cream - that's it!

LTK: If you could share just one beauty tip that has worked for you, what would it be?

VP: Don't forget the basics, which we all must do - exercising, eating, and sleeping well. Without those crucial ingredients you will find yourself fighting an uphill battle.

The Principal Secret Method and Products

Reclaim Line

LTK: What is your personal skin care regimen?

VP: I follow the Principal Secret method, which is three steps in three minutes and then I'm finished.

I begin by washing my face with the rich and creamy Reclaim Total Cleanser, then treat and protect the delicate skin around my eyes with the EyeMazing Eye Serum. I conclude by moisturizing my face and neck with our Reclaim Revolutionary day or night cream. Those are my three simple steps to beautiful healthy looking skin for life.

LTK: There are so many anti-aging products available on the market today. How does Reclaim differ, and what types of results can users expect to see?

VP: Reclaim differs greatly from other anti-aging lines on the market. Most importantly is the use of Argireline Molecular Complex™. Argireline, a patent-pending complex available only from Principal Secret®, contains some of the most effective age-fighting ingredients ever to be combined into a skin care formula.

Argireline is a visible line diminisher and a naturally-derived exfoliant, which helps keep skin toned and functioning at peak performance, without irritation. The complex goes to work immediately, stimulating skin's natural renewal process, so users see improvement with the first application.

Learn More about Victoria Principal

LTK: What motivated you to launch the Principal Secret product line?

VP: In 1973, I realized I was allergic to most of the makeup and skincare I was using on camera, so I collaborated with a chemist to create cleansers and moisturizers just for me. Those products, in turn, became the foundation for Principal Secret.

Soon thereafter I noticed that more and more women were resorting to drastic measures to achieve a more youthful look, but I knew that there was a better way-for all of us. And so, Principal Secret was born.

To learn more about the products and view the entire Principal Secret collection, see the Principal Secret website: You can also learn more about actress Victoria Principal and her background at her website,

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Skin Care Advice from Victoria Principal