Books on Drug Abuse

Read Books on Drug Abuse

Books on drug abuse can help addicts as well as their loved ones. Use drug abuse books to identify with others who struggle with drugs and learn ways you can begin and remain in recovery. As a loved one, read books on drug addiction understand what your addict is going through, why he/she is unable to begin recovery, and what you should and should not do to help.

The Addictive Personality
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In this book, by Craig M. Nakken, MSW, CCDP, LCSW, LMFT discusses how people become addicted to drugs. He considers cultural influences as well as genetic factors. Learn about the causes of addiction as well as the development and consequences of it.

The Other Son
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Read this book about a family's struggle with their sixteen year old who struggles with drug abuse. The author is a clinical psychology and psychoanalyst who works with families with teens who have drug addictions.

Why Don't They Just Quit?
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If you have a loved one suffering from drug abuse, buy this book to learn about how you can help the person begin recovery, how sometimes when you try to help you may be hurting and why when someone quits it may not be a part of recovery. You will also read personal stories in this book.

Daily Encouragement
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Dealing with a loved one who suffers from drug abuse can be emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. This book provides spiritual encouragement for people who suffer through the drug addiction of someone they care about.

True Stories About Drug Abuse
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Reading stories of people struggling with drug abuse can help you learn more about your own addiction. Read the true stories of people from all walks of life with drug addiction in this book.

Narcotics Anonymous
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This is one of the most important books on drug abuse you can buy. Attending Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are crucial in recovery and this book explains the twelve steps or principles to recovery as well as the traditions of NA. You will also find inspirational personal stories of others with drug addiction.

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Books on Drug Abuse