Images of Senior Exercise Ideas

Water Exercise

Viewing senior exercise images is a great way to learn new exercise techniques. This slideshow might give you the inspiration to try a different type of fitness routine.

Water exercise and water aerobics allows seniors to move freely without experiencing hip and knee joint pain usually felt when exercising.

Bicycle Riding

If you loved riding a bike when you were young, chances are you will still enjoy it. Bicycling is a great way to have fun while staying fit.

Chair Exercise

Exercising using a chair helps seniors keep their balance. Using a chair as an exercise tool also builds leg muscles, improve flexibility, and prevent falls.


Walking is a great way to exercise your heart, lungs and legs. Make sure your shoes are in good condition and have strong arch support.

Free Weights

A regular exercise routine using free weights will improve your strength, keep your body toned, and slow down bone density loss.


Make sure to do a series of stretches at the beginning of your exercise routine and when your session is over. Stretching increases your overall freedom of movement

Keep a Regular Schedule

Following a regular exercise schedule boosts your energy level while keeping you on the road to a healthy long life.

Walking on a Treadmill

For some people, working out on a treadmill seems repetitive and boring. Keep the fun in your treadmill workout by listening to your favorite music, reading a book, or watching a television show or movie.

Stationary Bike

Exercising on a stationary bike is a safe and low-impact alternative. The workout is a good choice for someone with back or joint problems, and provides a consistant cardiovascular workout.

Senior Exercise

Whether you enjoy tennis, volleyball or softball, playing on a sports team is an excellent form of exercise to keep your body healthy and in tip-top condition. Regardless of which type of exercise you choose, staying active makes you feel younger and more alive.

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Images of Senior Exercise Ideas