Sexual Addiction Inpatient Treatment

Sexual addiction inpatient treatment can help.

Sexual addiction inpatient treatment may be necessary to recover from a sexual addiction.

What is Sexual Addiction?

Sexual addiction is a broad term, and according to experts, a growing problem. It is estimated that there are 16 million people-both men and women-in the U.S. who suffer from a sexual addiction.

A sex addiction could involve anything from compulsive affairs to uncontrollable cyber sex and obsessive masturbation. A sex addict is different from someone who merely enjoys sex because their actions are sometimes uncontrollable.

Like all types of addiction, a sexual addiction involves compulsive behavior. Those who have a problem with sexual addiction usually say that the problem developed gradually until it became almost possible to control.

Someone with a sexual addiction may find that they are preoccupied with sex on a regular basis. This preoccupation interferes with their daily life, and often leads to behavior that is out of character, and at times, dangerous.

It should be understood that this addiction isn't just about sex. In fact, it's rarely about sex. In most cases, the addict is looking to fulfill some other need by engaging in this behavior. For example, someone who has been sexually abused in the past may become promiscuous in the future as a way of dealing with the abuse. Other people use sex as an escape, a way to reduce anxiety, or as a temporary solution to another problem.

About Sexual Addiction Inpatient Treatment

If you or someone you know suffers from a sexual addiction, you need to first be aware that you are not alone. This is a common problem, and help is available.

Some of the most effect recovery programs involve sexual addiction inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is a popular alternative to outpatient treatment because it allows the addict an opportunity to isolate themselves from the behavior that is threatening to control their life.

In a sexual addiction inpatient treatment program, addicts spend anywhere from 24 hours to one year receiving counseling and information, as well as learning about alternative behaviors. By the time the program is finished, the patient will be much less likely to fall back into old habits after returning home.


The cost of a sexual addiction inpatient treatment program will vary depending upon the facility and the length of the program. It should be noted that most forms of insurance do not currently provide coverage for sexual addiction treatment.

Knowing When Treatment is Necessary

If a preoccupation with sex is causing problems in your relationship, with your job, or with your physical or mental health, you should seek out some form of help. You should also get assistance if your addiction to sex is placing you or other people in dangerous situations.

Nationally Recognized Programs

Some of the nationally recognized programs that offer sexual addiction inpatient treatment include:

  • Keystone Center Extended Care Unit - The Keystone Center is an intensive inpatient program in Chester, Pennsylvania for sex addicts and offenders. This unit is part of a larger program and is mainly meant for men with sexual disorders.
  • Sierra Tucson - Located in Tucson, Arizona, the Sierra Tucson facility focuses on prevention, education, and treatment. The facility is licensed to treat both addiction and psychiatric issues.
  • The Life Healing Center - This residential facility is located in Santa Fe and offers treatment to adults with severe emotional trauma. Continuing care is available from the Life Healing Center for patients with chemical dependencies and behavior disorders.
  • Del Amo - The Del Amo Hospital, located in Torrance, California, is a psychiatric hospital focusing on a wide range of disorders, including sexual addiction, eating disorders, and trauma-based disorders. There are exactly 166 beds in this medium-sized facility.
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Sexual Addiction Inpatient Treatment