Signs of Meth Use

Telltale Signs of Meth Use

There are a number of signs of meth use that make it evident someone is using the drug. Meth is very popular since it can be bought for a cheaper price than cocaine or heroin. This highly addictive substance makes the user feel great at first, but coming down off the drug results in a very unpleasant crash. As the person continues to use the drug, his or her physical condition deteriorates. Read on to learn the telltale signs.

Loss of Appetite

A person who is using meth won't have much interest things they used to enjoy, including food and sex.

Dry, Itchy Skin

Skin irritations and rashes become apparent as meth use continues. Users may scratch until they draw blood.


Acne breakouts may be signs of meth use.

Sweating and Increased Body Odor

The meth user sweats excessively and has an odor that has been compared to that of cat urine.

Bad Teeth

Tooth decay and loss are signs that someone is using meth.

Increased Heart Rate

Using the drug causes the heart to beat more rapidly.


Meth use causes the body temperature to elevate, sometimes to dangerous levels. A high fever not associated with illness may be a sign of addiction to meth.

Violent Behavior

Meth users may become paranoid and act out violently.


Meth users have difficulty sleeping and may stay up for extended periods of time without being able to get any rest. Irritability, mood swings and depression may result.

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Signs of Meth Use