Types of Stress Pictures

Stressed Out Pictures


Stressed out pictures can help you gain a better understanding of different types of stress. Some offer a humorous perspective, others are cathartic, and some can evoke feelings of stress.

Acute Stress


Acute stress is common, and it results from recent events, and it can stem from anticipating pressure and demands in the future.

Episodic Stress


Some people seem to be under stress all the time. Stressed out pictures include images of people who put too many demands on themselves, which creates chaos in their lives.

Type A Personality


A splinter of episodic stress stems from the "Type A" personality. A person with too much drive, hostility and an overwhelming sense of urgency can be easy to spot. The pattern can lead to heart problems over time.



Excessive worry can be exhausting for the worrier, and for people close to him or her. A worrier tends to see danger in nearly everything, and may be prone to depression and anxiety.

Physical Signs of Stress


Stress can manifest in a number of ways, and physical symptoms are common in stressed out pictures of people. Common physical signs are headaches, muscle tension and nausea.

Chronic Stress


Capturing an image of chronic stress is challenging because the condition becomes a way of life. The stressed out person feels hopeless, and sees no way out of his or her situation.

Stress Relief


Seeing stressed out pictures can offer some relief, as you recognize that others have the same experiences. See Funny Stressful Clipart to find humor in stress images.

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Types of Stress Pictures