Stressed People Pictures

Stressed People Pictures

There are many types of stress and stress triggers; checking out any gallery of stressed people pictures will show you that you're not alone when you feel angry, upset, or just overwhelmed. No matter how your stress manifests itself - whether through headaches, depression, or other symptoms - knowing there are other stressed people in the world can help you cope.

Unemployment Stress

Losing your job can be very stressful. Not only may it lead to financial problems, but there is a sense of failure associated with any job loss. Instead of giving in to your stress, consider it an opportunity to find a less stressful, more enjoyable job.

Student Stress

Students of any age can be stressed by difficult classes, important tests, and both social and academic obligations. If schoolwork is a problem seek tutors or other resources and learn to balance school and social activities to stay stress-free.


Losing a loved one can be stressful not only because of the loss of companionship and support, but because it may also mean the loss of financial and emotional stability. Consider grief counseling or support groups if you find dealing with the loss of a loved one too much to bear.

Financial Stress

Financial woes can be extremely stressful. To minimize money-related stress, consider financial planning, credit counseling, and other services to help you make the most of your income so your bills are not so much a stress trigger.

Parenting Stress

Being a parent is frustrating and stressful, particularly for new parents. New parent support groups are available, as are social groups such as Mommy and Me clubs that can help parents make friends who understand what they are going through. Couples should also be sure to continue to take time for their own relationship even while they care for their children.


Being sick is stressful, especially if you have expensive medical bills. A sick child may mean that a working parent has to stay home, while an undiagnosed illness can be very frightening for everyone involved. Take steps to stay healthy, including regular checkups and good nutrition, to minimize health-related stress.


Individuals who take out their stressful frustrations through fighting should consider anger management classes or counseling to help them control their emotions more effectively. When parents argue, children may experience higher stress levels and family counseling may be needed.


A high stress job and heavy workload can lead to poor health and other stress-related problems. If you don't like your job or the stress of it is affecting your health, consider choosing a stress-free job or taking steps to minimize your stress levels at work.

Change Stress

Any major life change, including marriage, moving, career changes, and having children, can be very stressful. Learn to accept the changes in your life and communicate with friends, family members, and other loved ones to cultivate a strong support network to help you deal with your stress no matter what comes along.


Lack of sleep and exhaustion can be very stressful and unhealthy. If worry is keeping you up at night, try to reduce your stress and consider quick stress relievers before bed to help you sleep more peacefully so you can have the energy to tackle the next day.

Holiday Stress

For many people, the shopping, cooking, and entertaining of the holiday season is very stressful. Opt to eliminate some old traditions and delegate tasks to help reduce your holiday stress level so you can enjoy the season instead of dreading it.

Coping with Stress

No matter what is causing your stress, it is important to learn to cope with it effectively. For easy tips on managing your stress, watch these slideshows:

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Stressed People Pictures