What Is My Dream Trying to Tell Me

What Is My Dream Trying to Tell?


Have you ever asked yourself, what is my dream trying to tell me? Dreams occur when we sleep and while you may dream every night, there's a chance you won't remember every dream you have.

What Is My Dream Trying to Tell Me?

Your dreams are a chance for your subconscious mind to weigh in on all the thoughts, choices and decisions you have. Your dream could be telling you which path to choose.

Take a Risk


You may fly in your dreams, expressing your yearning to be free from obligations, worries and concerns. A flying dream may also tell you to go for it, to shoot for the stars and dare to take the risks your waking mind might otherwise resist.

Rehearsing for the Big Day


Your dreams can explore your near future, the desirable outcome of a relationship or even the nervousness associated with an upcoming event. In fact, sometimes, your dreams can help you practice for that big moment, answering all those what if questions that plague you when you are awake.

Exposing Your Fear


Your dreams could be trying to tell you that you are bothered by being alone or that you are worried, but you aren't sure what you are worried about. Dreams that take place in the nebulous dark are not always nightmares, but they can be tense.

Child's Play


Your dreams can be fanciful and filled with color and legendary creatures and a sense of true wonder. Escape is often the theme of these dreams and maybe they are trying to tell you to relax and play a little -- fun never hurt anyone.

Becoming Vulnerable


The naked dream is a very familiar one, sometimes you're swimming and indulging yourself, other times you are standing in front of a room full of people. Being nude in a dream is allowing yourself a vulnerability you avoid when awake. It's a moment of true exposure where anything can happen. This dream may tell you that you should let change happen and be open to how those changes will affect you.

Set Aside Your Burdens


Dreams are a time to take the weight of the world off our shoulders and just be who we are. Some people believe that you are your true self in a dream, the self you are without expectation or obligation.


Tell yourself, no matter what is my dream trying to tell me, I will be open to it and I will listen. I do not have to be afraid in my dreams. I can be me. I am open to all possibilities. Then all you have to do is let your dreams soar.

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What Is My Dream Trying to Tell Me