Suggested DHEA Dosage and Uses

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The proper DHEA dosage varies based on your unique health needs, reason for taking it, and your doctor's recommendations. DHEA is a natural steroid connected to the human sex hormones and used for a variety purposes from erectile dysfunction to anxiety and depression. It has also been used as a performance-enhancing drug.

Problems with DHEA Dosage Recommendations

As previously mentioned dosage recommendations vary based on why an individual is taking the steroid and their own needs. This means that a suggested dosage is very hard to pinpoint in general terms. Furthermore, due to the fact that there are several known side effects related to DHEA supplementation, it can be dangerous to self prescribe or begin consuming a dosage not recommended by a doctor.

It is highly recommended that those taking DHEA be under the care of a medical professional. He or she can also test your levels of DHEA.

General Dosage Recommendations

Here is a basic breakdown for DHEA dosage and usage.

DHEA Deficiency

DHEA deficiency isn't terribly common, but it does occur. Doctors can test for this condition and will often prescribe DHEA supplements. The dosage, however, depends on the needs of the deficient individuals and therefore will vary by person.


Because DHEA levels decrease over time, individuals in middle age and older adults may choose to take DHEA supplements. This dosage can vary from as low as 25 milligrams daily to as much as 250 milligrams. There is some concern that the higher levels can have negative side effects, so check with your doctor.

Improved Skin Tone

Some evidence suggests that DHEA used for anti-aging purposes not only helps older adults feel rejuvenated, but may also improve the look and texture of skin. A fairly low dose of supplementation is often recommended, around 25-30 milligrams daily.


Some evidence suggests that DHEA supplementation may be able ease depression symptoms. The suggested DHEA dosage for this type of problem is generally low, around 30 milligrams daily. Some dosage recommendations have been as high as 90 milligrams daily.

Erectile Dysfunction

Though some studies have linked DHEA supplementation to help with erectile dysfunction, there is not been a standardized dosage for this. Research is ongoing, and it's best to talk to your doctor to get advice on DHEA dosage for this serious condition.

Muscle Repair

Though it is not recommended by the medical community, the bodybuilding community and other athletes have been known to use DHEA recreationally. Dosage recommendations vary. Supplements are available over the counter for these purposes and generally include their own dosage suggestions. It's important to note there are some potentially serious side effects from recreational use of the steroid.

Weight Loss

This is another area that is still being researched. Some studies have suggested that DHEA may be able to help with weight loss efforts. The DHEA dosage suggestions for this can also vary. If you choose to use supplements, carefully read dosage instructions on the supplementation packaging.

Vaginal Atrophy

Some studies have suggested DHEA as a possible treatment for this serious medical condition. The DHEA dosage will depend on several health factors and will need to be determined by your attending physician.

The use of DHEA supplements has received mixed reviews from the medical and health communities. While the steroid has some practical benefits, it can also result in some pretty serious side effects. Likewise, determining adequate dosage recommendations has been somewhat difficult because so many factors affect this. To have your DHEA levels tested, talk to your family doctor.

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Suggested DHEA Dosage and Uses