Homeopathic Testosterone

Testosterone Molecule
Testosterone Molecule

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or low libido may be interested in learning about homeopathic testosterone. Natural remedies for these issues can stimulate the body to increase its production of testosterone without the side effects of prescribed medications.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, can have many causes. It may be the result of physical illnesses such as diabetes or vascular disease. Many prescribed and illegal drugs such as blood pressure medications or marijuana can cause nervous and vascular system problems that result in ED, as can excessive alcohol use.

Hormone imbalances as well as emotional issues may also lead to this common problem. Stress, guilt or anxiety can also be contributing factors. In any case, it is possible to see positive results through the use of homeopathic testosterone boosters unless there is permanent damage to the blood supply or the nerves.

Homeopathic Testosterone Options

A few possibilities for increasing testosterone levels include the following homeopathic remedies. If the chosen remedy does not provide results within a few weeks of use, discontinue and try another one.

Argentum Nitricum

Argentum Nitricum is prescribed when erection cannot be achieved during intercourse. Other symptoms treated by Argentum Nitricum include nervousness and cravings for salty or sweet foods.

Baryta Carbonica

Baryta Carbonica is often used in aged men with reduced sexual desire and impotence. Other symptoms treated with Baryta Carbonica include shyness as well as numbness from scrotum to knees that goes away when sitting down.

Chaste Tree

Chaste Tree, also known as Vitex angus castus, is used if symptoms include cold genitals and flaccidity as well as forgetfulness and trouble concentrating.


Lycopodium is recommended when the patient has difficulty achieving an erection as well as insecurity about himself.

Selenium Metallicum

Selenium Metallicum is used when the patient has sexual desire but his ability is weakened. He may also experience involuntary ejaculation as well as fatigue that are also treated with this remedy.

Other Products

It is possible to find a range of homeopathic creams and gels that are intended to increase testosterone levels. Purchase these with caution because there are many scams out there.

In addition, many herbs have been found to be useful in treating ED. Some to consider include:

  • Ashwaganda capsules
  • Ginkgo tablets
  • Ginseng tincture
  • Yohimbe tincture

Keep in mind, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you should avoid yohimbe. Those on blood thinning medication should not take Ginkgo. If you have any health conditions, you should discuss this with your doctor before taking any herbs as some can interfere with medications, either weakening them or making them more potent.

More Recommendations

Making a few lifestyle changes can also be helpful. Quit smoking as smoking can lead to impotence. If you are diabetic, keep your blood sugar carefully managed. Avoid stress and seek counseling for any emotional issues that may be contributing to your problem. Finally, discuss your problem with your doctor to rule out an underlying illness that may need treatment.

Homeopathic testosterone may be the answer to your impotence or ED, but it is important to find and manage the root cause of your problem.

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Homeopathic Testosterone