Natural Remedies for Gray Hair

Grey Hair

There are plenty of chemical hair dyes on the market that can cover up gray hair, but many people prefer natural solutions. If your hair is turning prematurely gray or you have a few gray strands that you wish to cover up, natural remedies may offer some ability to turn back the clock and turn your hair back to its natural color. If you're already sporting a glorious mane of silver or gray hair, you may be able to use natural hair dyes to color it. From changing your diet to rinsing your hair with potato peels, one of these solutions may just work for you.

Dietary Remedies

Some natural health experts recommend a diet higher in protein than what is typically consumed for those who wish to reverse gray hair. That does not necessarily need to be animal protein. Many raw food diet followers find they reverse graying hair to its natural color once they begin to eat fresh, raw and uncooked fruits and vegetables. Some cases are outlined in the book The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck.


This patented product, which is sold without a prescription, claims to reduce graying hair naturally without gluten, artificial colorings, preservatives or stearic acids. It does contain bromelain, collagen, biotin, pantothenic acid, choline and methionine. The recommended dose is one capsule twice daily and the company urges you give it a chance to work. Some people don't see results for 12 months.

The Fat Free Kitchen

The Fat Free Kitchen feels some premature graying of hair is due to diet. They suggest changing your diet to foods rich in proteins, soy, whole grain cereals, foods that contain high levels of vitamins A and B, zinc, iron and copper. Foods like bananas, carrots and fish that are high in iodine are also natural ways to stop gray hair.

Homemade Topical Remedies

There are many topical solutions you can make right at home to help hide the effects of graying hair. You probably already have many of the ingredients right in your kitchen.

Potato Peel Rinse

One old fashioned remedy to tint gray hair darker is a potato peel rinse. To make such a rinse:

  1. Peel about five potatoes and gather one cup of peels. You won't need the potatoes themselves so feel free to use them for a meal or recipe.
  2. Pour two cups of cold water into a saucepan and add the potato peels.
  3. Bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for five minutes.
  4. Take the saucepan off the stove and let it cool completely.
  5. Strain the liquid out and save the liquid.
  6. Add a few drops of rosemary or lavender oil to scent it and pour the cool mixture into a glass container with tight fitting lid.
  7. Use this as a hair rinse after shampooing your hair.
  8. Shampoo as normal, rinse out the shampoo, then massage the potato peel water into the hair. Do not rinse it out.
  9. Dry and style as normal.

Save any unused hair rinse in the refrigerator and make more as necessary. While this recipe won't transform an entirely white head of hair, it can darken individual gray hairs that may be in darker locks.

Other Natural Remedies

  • Rub coconut oil and lemon juice on your scalp twice daily.
  • Mix a tablespoon of salt and black tea, apply it to your hair and rinse after one hour.
  • Boil curry leaves in coconut oil and apply to roots.
  • Mix two teaspoons of wheat germ and two teaspoons of yeast into buttermilk and apply to the hair.

Natural Hair Dyes

If dying your hair seems like the best option, be sure to choose all natural, herbal hair dyes. Most conventional dyes contain very harsh chemicals. Choose natural dyes to avoid harsh chemicals that may be absorbed through the skin. Light Mountain Naturals is a line of natural hair colors that offers eight shades to cover gray hair.

Treat Your Gray Hair Well

Whichever method you use to try to combat your gray hair, make sure to treat your hair well overall. Avoid harsh chemicals that could irritate the scalp or damage your hair, and use herbal products whenever possible. You may find that treating your hair well results in a healthier color - whatever that may be.

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Natural Remedies for Gray Hair