Distance Pedometers


Distance pedometers not only record the total amount of steps taken, but also translate those steps into a measurement of distance. It can be incredibly motivating to watch the distance you walk add up.

The Function

Distance pedometers attach to your clothing or body and measure every step you take. Pedometers can vary from extremely accurate to somewhat accurate. A pedometer works as a motivational tool and also tracks your progress. You can chart how your ability to walk long distances increases as you develop your walking regimen. Some people also use their pedometers to keep a record of how much walking they do in conjunction with how much weight they lose.

The Cost

The price you pay for your distance pedometer has a lot to do with the degree of accuracy it delivers. If you want a pedometer that reports actual distance walked, you will need to make sure that the pedometer you purchase offers this function. The least expensive pedometers will report the total number of steps you take, but you may have to spend a little more to get accurate distance results.

The least expensive distance pedometers are free, often offered as free gifts to clients or as incentives for purchasing a certain product. Inexpensive distance pedometers can also be purchased for less than ten dollars, while top of the line pedometers can cost hundreds of dollars. However, these expensive pedometers usually offer more features than simply recording steps taken and distance walked. The very best pedometers come with software which allows you to record the actual route of your walk by beaming information to a satellite and then downloading the information to your computer. These pedometers can also tell your computer what your heart rate was at any given point during your walk.

Of course, not everyone needs all these features in a distance pedometer. If you're looking for something moderately priced, it's easy to find a quality distance pedometer for around thirty dollars.


Pedometers can be great motivational tools for people who choose to walk for exercise. Instead of just walking for a certain amount of time, people can use their pedometers to walk for certain distances. It can be incredibly motivational for some people to know exactly how much longer they have to walk before reaching a certain number of miles.

Many exercise experts suggest that people purchase pedometers with distance capabilities in order to stay motivated and continue walking for exercise.


What features should you look for? The answer depends largely on your needs. If you simply want to know the distance you cover during your walking routine, then simple distance recording features should be sufficient, but a more serious routine might merit a more sophisticated pedometer with extensive features.

Buy Distance Pedometers

Most large stores like Target and Wal-Mart carry distance pedometers at reasonable prices. You can also buy pedometers at sporting goods stores and electronic stores. Gyms and other fitness centers also sell pedometers, but the price is often marked up considerably.

It's easy to sift through a wide variety of distance pedometers online. Depending on the features you want and the price you are willing to pay, you can find a suitable pedometer at either a specialty website or through a mass merchandiser.

Here is a brief list of websites offering pedometers designed for distance logs and other features:

You can also find pedometers at online auction websites like eBay.

Take the time to compare prices to find the best distance pedometer for the least amount of money. With so many models available, it isn't difficult to find a great pedometer at a reasonable price.

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Distance Pedometers