Does Slim in 6 Work?

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People seeking to lose weight may wonder, "Does Slim in 6 work?" The workout system promises to shape a new body in just six weeks. Before spending your money, it's time to learn a little bit more about Slim in 6.

Debbie Siebers' Slim in 6

The Slim in 6 weight loss program contains five workouts, including three basic programs designed to burn fat and sculpt your body, and two "bonus" workouts: a workout designed to strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, and a stretching routine designed to enhance flexibility. Additionally, you will receive a program guidebook, a nutritional guide, a motivational calendar, a tape measure, and access to online tools. The program also includes three "free gifts" - a training resistance band, a 6-day express diet designed to help you lose six pounds and six inches in six days, and a 35-minute express cardio and core training workout. The entire program retails for around $80.00.

The three basic workouts include:

  • Start it Up! - A 25-minute video that introduces basic moves and philosophy
  • Ramp it Up! - A 48-minute accelerated calorie burning workout
  • Burn it Up! - A 60-minute calorie burning and reshaping workout

Who Is Debbie Siebers?

Debbie Siebers, designer of of Slim in 6 has 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. Like many others, she struggled with weight gain and poor eating habits until she found a permanent fitness and diet solution for staying slim.

The Promises

Slim in 6 promises to reshape your body in just six weeks, utilizing the "SlimTraining Technique," which combines fat burning cardio with light resistance. The program also promises:

  • Sculpting without bulking
  • Shrinking your midsection
  • Sexy hips, arms, and thighs

Does Slim in 6 Work?

Now that you know the program basics, does Slim in 6 work?

Weight Loss

The elements of the program follow sound principles of weight loss.

  1. Cardiovascular training elevates heart rate and burns calories.
  2. Strength training moves firm muscles, build muscle strength and increase muscle mass, which leads to a slightly elevated metabolism.
  3. The program stresses consistent exercise and a healthy diet.


Whether the Slim in 6 program is effective depends on you. The system provides motivational tools and ongoing support via the website, which may help maintain motivation. If you don't follow the program, then you won't succeed. Used over the long-term, your motivation may flag as you repeat the same workout over and over and get bored, so as you progress you may want to add different types of workouts to maintain your motivation.

Time Frame

How delighted you are with your results after six weeks depends on both your dedication to following the program, and where you are when you begin. If you are significantly overweight, you may see changes after six weeks; however, it is very unlikely that you will achieve your long-term goals in a six-week time frame. Following program recommendations will most likely lead to a better level of fitness, weight loss of one to two pounds per week, and more energy.

It is important to note that planning to spend six weeks following the program and then stopping will not help you maintain your results. Exercise and diet need to be a regular lifestyle choice in order to control weight.


The best way to learn whether a product works is to read reviews written by people who use it. In general, reviews for Slim in 6 run the gamut from very poor to the best thing ever. Keep in mind as you peruse user reviews that both companies and their competitors seed the Internet with "reviews" written by writers and marketing professionals to slant public view about the product. often provides a source of honest user reviews, particularly when reviewers write under the "Real Name" badge. According to reviews for Slim in 6, people who like the product felt that they began to see results in six weeks, and that the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Those who didn't like Slim in 6 felt that the workout was too easy and not very motivating.

Slim in 6 works for many people. Others feel that it didn't provide the workout or results they were seeking. Whether or not it will work for you depends on a variety of factors, so before spending your money, take the time to read reviews and carefully evaluate whether you feel Slim in 6 is the right program for you.

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Does Slim in 6 Work?