Exercises for Increasing Breast Size Naturally

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While many women consider plastic surgery, it might be worthwhile to try some exercises for increasing breast size naturally first. It's cheaper, safer -- and healthier. This article examines the physiology of the chest area and what specific exercises can help improve what you have.

The Chest Anatomy

The female breast is not a muscle and can't be trained to get bigger like a bicep, for example, just like you can't train your ear or thumb to get bigger. However, the breast rests on top of the pectoral muscles, which are highly train-able. In fact, thanks to the unique properties of these particular muscles, you can affect the shape and general look quite a bit through smart training.

The pectoralis major muscle is the big Kahuna. It attaches to the shoulder, covering most of the chest where its other end attaches all the way from the collarbone down the sternum in a fan-shape. Since the muscle works by contraction, you can train different parts of the muscle. If you pull diagonally upward, you hit the upper part of the pectoral muscle, while pulling diagonally downward shifts the focus to the lower part.

The latter is the most important area here, as it creates kind of a wedge-shape where the bottom part of the pectoral muscles gets larger. Since the breasts rest directly atop this wedge, they get pushed out and up, creating an illusion of increased size and perkiness.

Three Exercises for Increasing Breast Size Naturally

While there are certainly more than just three exercises for increasing breast size naturally, these are among the most effective ones. A personal trainer can help you find additional suitable exercises for targeting lower pecs as you become more proficient.


If you're light and/or in good shape, you can do these old-school with a simple set of parallel (or slightly angled) bars. Hoist yourself up so that you hold your bodyweight up on both hands. Keep your arms straight, shoulders in "neutral" and your knees bent with feet crossed to avoid making contact with the floor. Then slowly bend your elbows until your upper arms are about parallel to the floor, then make a smooth but distinct turn and push yourself back up to the starting position. Optionally, use a dip machine where you sit and press a set of handles down and back, using a weight stack for resistance.

Cable Crossover Flyes

Attach single handles in the upper pulleys of a cable machine and grab them so that your arms are stretched diagonally up and out, making you resemble a big Y. Step one leg forward, bend your elbows a tad and slowly push your handles together in a big arc. Don't lean forward more than you have to for balance, and remember to keep your upper body straight (tensing up your abs will help with this). At the end position, squeeze for a second before slowly resisting the weight back to the big Y position.

Decline Dumbbell Presses

Find a bench where the back can't just be angled up to a semi-sitting position, but actually has a setting or two for a slight recline where your head is a little lower than your hips. Grab a pair of dumbbells and push them like you would during a normal set of chest presses; the new angle will help shift focus to the right spot automatically. Good luck!

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Exercises for Increasing Breast Size Naturally