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A collection of female bodybuilding photos has several purposes. Whether you need inspiration to get yourself to the gym or you need apparel ideas for what to wear in your next competition, these images can help.

Gallery of Female Bodybuilding Photos

These women have worked out for a finely chiseled look. Whether bulky and muscular or sleek and firm, the women featured below are in top shape.

Sheer power
Dressed up and muscular
All about the abs
An elegant pose
Fit and fabulous
Looking good in a bikini
A softer look
Flat tummy
Work out for a firm tush
Bodybuilders don't have to be bulky
A spectacular view

Inspiring Images

For bodybuilders, these photographs can provide helpful information and inspiration. If you need ideas for an upcoming photo shoot or a competition, seeing other bodybuilders' outfits and poses can help you make important choices.

Bodybuilders' Clothing

The type of clothing and accessories you choose for an upcoming shoot or competition should reflect the purpose (looking strong or beautiful, or both), emphasize your own personal style, and highlight your strongest physical features.

Keep in mind that it is not always the most skin showing that looks the most feminine. Experiment with different shapes of tops and bottoms to see which one provides your desired look. While triangle tops and bikini bottoms can make a medium-sized muscular phsyique look very feminine, they often have the opposite effect for a very highly muscular woman.

In addition to selecting the right type of clothing, remember to pay attention to your skin before photos or competitions; namely, your tan lines should match your outfit of choice in order for the outfit to look professional.


Bodybuilding pictures are a great way to choose new poses. The upper-body flex is the classic bodybuilder's position, but there are many more that can showcase your physique equally well. Reviewing a large number of photos can provide a wealth of poses you have not yet tried.

In choosing the best way to show off your hard work, remember to keep the angle in mind. In order to effectively highlight the muscle group you want to feature, approach it from a halfway point between sideways and straightforward in order to obtain the optimal focus.

Getting the Body

If these pictures inspire you to obtain a similarly-muscled body, remember that there are two phsycial elements to achieving this type of musculature. Firstly, a low body fat percentage is necessary because big muscles can be hidden by fat, and secondly, the muscles must be developed to a high degree. To achieve this physique, you'll need to perform regular cardiovascular exercises to keep fat levels low, and regular strength training routines to build muscles. Of course, a healthy, well-rounded diet is also important if you want to have a highly-muscled body and the energy to keep up with such a rigorous bodybuilding routine.

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Female Bodybuilding Photos