Fit Male Bodies

A Bevy of Fit Male Bodies

Fit male bodies rarely come from eating junk foods and never exercising.

Guys who take pride in their physiques often work hard at it. There's more than one way to get in shape, as these fit men will show you.

The Right Workouts

You can exercise your body in so many different ways, that there's no reason to suffer a boring workout.

Boxers are some of the fittest athletes around, whether they kickbox in a gym for fun or do it professionally.

Different Weights

Barbells are still a great exercise tool, but look into new accessories to add variety to your workout routine as well.

Kettlebells are easy to use and available in different sizes -- they're just as suitable for helping you add muscle.

Fit and Flexible

Fit male bodies should also incorporate flexibility into their workouts.

As people age, it's more important than ever to maintain flexible joints.

A Strong Core

Part of being fit is having a strong core. You can get a great set of abs with more exercises than just crunches.

With a fit body like this, you'll have no trouble baring your upper half at the beach.

Outdoor Workouts

Running requires no equipment, just a quality pair of shoes.

Other outdoor workouts you can try to stay fit include biking, hiking, swimming and playing sports like baseball and football.

Sports Fitness

Few athletes are out of shape, especially when it comes to soccer players.

With all of the running and coordination required to play the sport, it's no wonder that soccer stars are some of the fittest guys around.

All Around Health

It would be hard to maintain an enviable six-pack like this by eating junk food. A healthy diet is part of a good overall approach to fitness.

More pictures of guys' abs may be the motivating tool you need to jump-start your workout!

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Fit Male Bodies