Funny Exercise Pictures

A Gallery of Funny Exercise Pictures

If you're serious about getting in shape, then do not follow the examples shown in these funny exercise pictures.

They're good for a laugh when you need a break, but these "exercisers" are doing little right, besides being amusing.

Fitting In

Sometimes you just have to not care what the people are doing around you. Many people don't get the recommended amount of exercise hours weekly, and sometimes it's the influence of others that stops people from exercising.

This guy isn't letting his lazy coworkers stop him from getting the work in.

The Rebounder

Rebounding can be a fun, effective exercise that burns calories and recruits a variety of muscles.

The trick to rebounding, though, is to not accidentally jump off the trampoline.


Workouts don't do themselves!

You have to put some effort into exercising to see results, so the cell phone may need to stay in your bag.

Namastay Asleep

This group of people are hard at work exercising, but one of them is working at a much slower rate.

While it's true that many people like to relax while they stretch, sleeping doesn't count as exercise.

Let's Get Physical

Leggings were all the rage in the 1980s when the physical fitness craze took over.

You can still sport them, but you may be the only one doing so!


Exercise shouldn't be painful. You may have sore muscles the next day if you haven't worked out for a while, but if anything really hurts while you're doing it, stop!

If a ride on a stationary bike causes you to look like this, it's time to get off.

Something's Not Right

What's wrong with this picture? Hint: it's not the green and orange dumbbell.

You can't out-exercise a bad diet, and if you're looking for results you'll need to pay attention to the food you eat.

Yoga Is Relaxing, Right?

It's a dichotomy most moms understand far too well: pregnancy leaves you feeling out of shape, but then trying to get exercise hours with a young child in tow proves difficult, if not impossible.

Good job to this mom for showing her little one how important it is to take time for exercise.

Don't Get Tangled

Resistance bands provide flexible strength training, but don't follow this woman's lead and get all tangled up in them!

Push Ups for Two

Some people add weight to their push-ups to increase the intensity.

This guy has the right idea, adding his doggo instead of bothering with a weighted vest. No weighted vest is this cute!

Impressive Strength

Avid exercisers know they have to take advantage of any opportunity to get some work in.

This man doesn't mind showing off his impressive strength at the grocery store. And yes, it's OK to call him a "show-off."

Dietary Changes Required

The woman's reaction sums up the scene here nicely.

It's hard to believe this guy is serious about making changes when he's munching on a donut on his stationary bike.

Weightlifting Granny

Seniors can - and should - do strength training. But perhaps wearing full grandma garb isn't the best outfit choice when lifting weights.

This grandma would benefit greatly from some athletic clothing to help her achieve "beast mode" in her lifting workouts.

Martial Arts Master?

Martial arts are a fantastic way to stay - or get - in shape.

Control is an important factor of practicing martial arts. This man doesn't seem to be in control at all and might not have actually earned that black belt he's sporting.

Workout Partner

Having a workout partner can make or break your workout.

This exerciser has the right idea - her workout partner seems to be quite motivating. Maybe they even cuddle afterward - or go for a nice walk?

Start Them Young

Humans are born to move. Even babies love movement and don't want to stay still for too long.

While not all young ones can execute impressive push ups like this baby, all kids should be encouraged to move frequently.

Not Good Form

Weightlifting helps build muscle tissue, which burns calories much more effectively than fat.

Good form, however, is essential for maximizing your potential -- unlike this guy.

Challenge Yourself

Weights come in a wide variety of sizes. It's important to choose weight sizes that challenge you.

This guy is lifting far too lightly to build up any strength.

Exercise Is Fun

These pals know that exercising can be fun! Think of it less as an obligation and more as a celebration of your body's abilities.

Dress appropriately when you exercise and you won't wind up in a collection of funny exercise photos.

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Funny Exercise Pictures