Namaste Yoga Cast: Meet the Girls

Michelle Trantina
Michelle Trantina, one of the original yoginis for the series

One of the most captivating yoga television programs currently on air is Kate Potter's Namaste Yoga, and the girls of Namaste Yoga are one reason why the show is so popular.

What Is Namaste Yoga?

Namaste Yoga is the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga TV program designed by Vancouver, BC, instructor and yoga therapist Kate Potter. An instructor at Denman Fitness and of workplace wellness programs, Potter is also a dynamic international retreat leader. She created Namaste Yoga in 2006 initially as an extension of her yoga philosophy and practice. Today, the program airs in 19 countries. It's also a popular mobile app.

The show has received rave reviews for stunning choreography, beautiful photography, and the soothing combination of Potter's voiceover instruction and Tim McCauley's soundtrack.

The Girls of Namaste Yoga

The yoginis featured in the program are accomplished at their practice. What most individuals like about the show, however, is that the women are attractive and perform Potter's stylized routines with the grace of dancers. This complements Potter's Vinyasa Flow intention very well.

A number of yoga models have participated in the program, but here are some of the most frequently featured yoginis of Namaste Yoga:

  • Evangeline Duy: In addition to being a yoga instructor, she's a certified Pilates instructor and massage therapist.
  • Erin Borgfjord Ayres: She's a yoga instructor as well as an actress, and has a bachelor's degree in environmental geography.
  • Koralee Nickarz: She's an acting coach, singer/songwriter, and yoga instructor.
  • Lily Goncalves: She's a trained mind/body therapist as well as a yoga and meditation instructor.
  • Marion Landry: She's a 3D visual artist and a longtime yoga practitioner.
  • Michelle Trantina: She's the co-founder of My Yoga Online.
  • Wendy Deakins: She's a yoga enthusiast and avid photographer.

To see photos of the girls of Namaste Yoga on set, visit the "Cast" page.

More About Namaste Yoga

Visit the site Namaste TV to learn more about the show, upcoming DVDs and CDs, and to follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.

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Namaste Yoga Cast: Meet the Girls