Hot Girls Exercising

Surfing Beauty

If photos of hot girls exercising inspires you to get in shape in order to impress, then this gallery full of fit babes should have you running to the gym.

Exercise takes many forms, as these ladies will demonstrate.

Surfing provides an excellent cardio and toning workout and this model can't wait to ride the waves.

Weightlifting Women

Women who want to tone and shape their muscles know that taking part in a strength training routine is the way to go.

With increased awareness of the benefits of lifting weights, most women know that they won't bulk up, but will tighten and tone their bodies.

Throwing Punches

Boxing and kickboxing can get the entire body in great shape. Legs, core, arms and heart all get in on the action.

Boxing gloves made in feminine colors like pink may persuade a woman to jab, punch and uppercut her way to fitness.

More Hot Girls Exercising

The Plank effectively works the arms, shoulders and abs. Maintaining good form is essential to getting the most benefits from this exercise.

Service, Anyone?

Tennis is another way to get in shape without doing mindless repetitions of the same motions.

The legs, arms and core are all involved as you run across court.

Jogging Girls

Jogging and running is a low-cost way to get in shape. It's also a fun way to take a workout outdoors.

Guys, want to meet fitness-minded girls who love to run? Then lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement!

Dance Moves

Watching hot girls exercising to music probably sounds like one way to have a good time.

Popular exercise DVDs include plenty of dance titles that allow you to cha cha, salsa dance and shake those hips to a great body.

Perfect Abs

Crunches are one way to tone and tighten abs, but this model undoubtedly also follows a healthy eating plan.

More fitness beauties can provide more inspiration for anyone out there!

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Hot Girls Exercising