Kristin Davis Yoga

Actress Kristin Davis is an yoga enthusiast.

For actress Kristin Davis, yoga is an integral part of her lifestyle, and how she stays fit after 40.

Yoga at a Young Age

Colorado native and South Carolina transplant Davis moved east after high school to attend Rutger's University in New Jersey. After graduation, she pursued acting, doing what many young artists do to survive-waiting tables!

But, because she had practiced yoga for some time, she decided to open a yoga studio with a friend. Davis also spent a few years studying yoga. In many news features, Davis expresses a particular fondness for Ashtanga yoga.

Take a Peek at Her Style

Fitness guru Kathy Smith has a series of yoga videos and DVDs that many people enjoy. If you look closely at her New Yoga video from 1994, you'll notice Davis as one of Smith's advanced yoga models. Davis' fluid motions demonstrate a real knowledge of yoga.

A recovering alcoholic, Davis credits yoga as one of the ways she maintains good health. But, her overall philosophy to fitness is to mix it up to reduce boredom and find ways to stay active wherever she is. In addition to yoga, Davis practices Pilates a few times a week and goes hiking with her dogs. She also tries to "live green" as much as possible by using solar energy to power her home.

What about Kristen Davis, Yoga Instructor?

For another popular Kristen Davis, yoga is also a passion. Although she shares the same name, this Davis isn't an actress. She's the owner and director of Yogasana Center in Brooklyn. Davis has been an instructor since 1993, and opened Yogasana Center in 2003. Visit the website for a complete class schedule.

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Kristin Davis Yoga