Priscilla Patrick Yoga: Where to Find Her Routines

Priscilla Patrick yoga for women

Priscilla Patrick yoga is a therapeutic system of Hatha yoga. A practitioner of yoga for several decades, Patrick has been featured on national television. Her work has been praised by American Fitness Magazine, TV Guide and The Library Journal, as well as many satisfied customers. Patrick sees yoga stripped of all mysticism, a system of non-impact exercise designed for personal health and fitness results. Her system of yoga may act as an entryway to the art for some people, or just expanded knowledge for those who already have a regular routine.

Priscilla Patrick's Therapeutic Asana Routines

Priscilla Patrick yoga exists in many forms -- in books, on DVD and even over the airwaves. It is recommended that you perform any yoga in the morning, though you can receive benefits from the practice at any time of day. It is further recommended that you practice for a full hour on an empty stomach. However, even as little as 15 minutes a day can reap benefits.


Patrick has a single book available on the art of yoga. Priscilla's Yoga Stretches allows beginners to get in on the ground floor while also offering something for intermediate and advanced yogis. The book is meant to be a companion to the videos and television shows. More than 150 photographs tell you both how to get into and how to get out of poses. The book also provides cautionary advice to avoid injury. Articles throughout the book offer information on other aspects of yoga, such as stress reduction and keeping disciplined.

Yoga Videos

Patrick's website offers a number of videos, with each focusing on a different aspect of yoga. Videos can be separated by difficulty while others address specific topics. Some topics covered in the yoga DVDs include stretching, lower-back health, yoga for seniors, yoga for athletes and yoga for expecting mothers. Videos are available through her website and typically come in both DVD and VHS format.

Priscilla on Television

You don't need money to learn yoga from Priscilla Patrick. You can watch her television series, which may air on your local PBS affiliate. The television series includes 130 episodes in total, clocking in at 15 minutes each. Many affiliates choose to bundle two episodes together into one half-hour program. Shows aired Monday through Wednesday introduce three to four new poses each day while Thursday and Friday episodes recap everything that has been learned throughout the week.

If the PBS station in your media market does not air Priscilla's Yoga Stretches you can contact them to request it. The program is available free of charges to all PBS stations throughout the United States.

Tips for Yoga Beginners

All you need to get started is the information and some comfortable clothes. Priscilla recommends that people get a sticky yoga mat to avoid slipping and sliding while exercising. Remember to heed safety advice and never push yourself too hard. Listen to your body and don't do anything that seems dangerous. Once you have several poses mastered you can set up your own routine to work those parts of the body that seem to need it most.

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Priscilla Patrick Yoga: Where to Find Her Routines