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The importance of exercise is well known and the joy of sex is unmistakable which makes "sexercise", the combination of both sex and exercise, in to an extremely fun way to work out.

Overall Benefits

Working out, combined with good nutrition, is a great way for one to lose weight as well as to tone up the body. You can tone, build and increase your muscle mass through standard exercise practices. Lowering your carbohydrates and other poor foods while increasing your activity level can jolt your body in to losing weight and once the excess fat has been consumed your body will begin to tighten up and you would start seeing more muscle definition.

Generic exercise, though very helpful, can be daunting to some. Going to the gym can be a chore and sometimes and uncomfortable experience. Sexercise allows a person to have fun while working out. Sexercise allows all of the benefits as traditional exercise but carries along with it an improved sex life, an ability to better satisfy yourself and your partner while having fun and becoming fit.

Several Facts About Sexercise

Sexercise has other benefits besides increased strength and body toning:

  • Becoming more sexually confidant
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Relieve stress
  • Improved strength
  • Muscle toning
  • Can be done between two or more people or alone
  • Men that workout for 20-30 minutes a day, three times a week are less likely to suffer sexual dysfunction
  • Sex three times a week burns the same calories as running 30 miles a week
  • Sex in a loving relationship has a healing effect, more so than a casual fling

Sexercise Ideas and Techniques

The following is an example of what you can do in order to become your very own "sexual athlete". Making yourself good at sex (as well as becoming more fit) follows the same principles as training for peak performance in a sport.

Switch it Up

If you are the partner in the relationship who wants to lose weight, but you are also submissive, then change it up. The partner who does "the work" is the one who gains the most health benefits. If you are normally on the bottom during sex then don't be afraid to be the one on top. This applies to most sexual positions. Try more than one! Keep it spicy. You will find that your partner will be more invigorated by the change of pace and your newfound dominance in the bedroom.

Bring in Toys

Toys during sex can mean more than the usual fare. They can be used to help increase your stamina and strength. There are devices that can be used to help a man train himself to last longer in bed. This can serve him well in regards to sexercise as the longer you actively participate in the act of sex the more benefit you will receive. If you are a little daring consider some light bondage techniques as toning is derived from force and pressure.

Use Those Glutes

If you want to tone up your backside any position during sex that involves thrusting will do the trick. Whenever you thrust during sex you use your glutes to power yourself in the motion. Squeezing the muscles in your butt during thrusting can go a long way in toning them up. You will also find that over time you will gain power in your thrusting because your muscles are being toned up and that equals more thrusting power.

Be on Top

The "plank position" in traditional exercise is an isometric work out - in sexercise it is known as the missionary position where you are on top of your partner. This position can be very physically taxing. Proper technique can have you seeing an improvement in your strength and conditioning. In order to adhere to proper technique follow these steps:

  1. Lay on your belly
  2. Bend your elbows so that they are directly under your shoulders
  3. Curl your toes underneath you
  4. Draw your belly in to your spine pushing yourself up and keeping your hips in line with your shoulders
  5. Keep your legs straight
  6. Make your body form a plank with no breaks at your hips or shoulders
  7. Hold for 20 seconds (or for as long as you can)
  8. Breathe normally

Food Play

Using food during intercourse has long since been a way to add a little spice to the act. It is very romantic and passionate. Sexercise can be used with foods as a way to increase pleasure but also to keep both parties in good energy. While you are having sex you are burning stored energy as you would during traditional exercise. Sexercise is no different. You can have fun, burn calories and refuel your body. Some food choices can include:

  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate
  • Honey in small doses
  • Fruit
    • Strawberries
    • Melon (especially watermelon)
    • Oranges and other citrus

Several Cautions

Like any other exercise routine sexercise can be very taxing on your body. You need to know your limitations. Take the following in to consideration:
  1. If you are taking sexual enhancement pills, such as Viagra, consult your physician because these sorts of pills can increase the blood pressure and heart rate
  2. Stretch before partaking in sexercise as it can prevent injuries
  3. Take frequent breaks to cool down because exhaustion and dehydration can occur when you are in the moment
  4. If chest pain begins to occur stop immediately and wait for things to calm down
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