Tall Yoga Pants: 9 Retailers + Styling Tips

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Your fabulous long legs are impressive in tree pose but not so hot in high-water pants. If you're tired of settling for too-short leggings and pants that look like they shrank in the wash, hunt down those manufacturers who aspire to the heights right along with you. Tall yoga pants are a thing. Get some and be really happy in happy baby pose.

Lands End

Hooray for Lands End. Not only do they carry tall yoga pants in four colors -- black, deep sea navy, warm graphite and forest moss for $60 -- but they stay fully stocked. Plus-size yogis take heart. The same great pants come in Plus sizes -- same colors, same price. If you like leggings, Lands End's tall style is cropped with tall-girl comfort and bare ankles, again in three colors at about $55.

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally offers yoga and active wear, plus other clothes for height-advantaged women. Their Bodyshaper Leggings fits up to a 38-inch inside leg and come in black for $59.00. Wide Leg Yoga Pants have a 34 to 38-inch inseam and are available in black for $65.00.

Fit Couture

Fit Couture has many styles of fun yoga pants you can wear for a workout or while running errands. The Rio is a sleek black look with a foldover, colored waistband for $54.


Lululemon's Groove Pant Flare comes in black and grey sage with a 32" inseam, hi-rise waist and slight flare for $98.00 plus shipping. These are also available in stores, where you can get one of those cute little status shopping bags with your purchase.

Sivana Spirit

Sivana Spirit offers a diverse selection of yoga apparel. One tall yoga pants option is the Motive Yoga Pant, available in black at $59.00. The site offers free shipping within the U.S. on orders over $95.

Motive Yoga Pants

Yoga Outlet

Yoga Outlet has your yoga pants, you willowy thing. Prana Pillar Tall Inseam Yoga Pants in black are $85.00. Free shipping for orders at $49.00 and up.

Kindfolk Yoga Pants

Kindfolk leggings come in extra-long for about $35.00 in two color choices: black or coral/neon-blue. They have a high waist and a 35-inch inseam to fit all tall body types but they don't always have all sizes in stock. Keep checking.

New York and Company

This retailer has a number of bricks-and-mortar locations, but it has an online shopping cart as well. Their Bootcut Yoga Pants are available in tall sizing in black and sapphire, for about $16.00 plus shipping.

Make Your Own

If you enjoy designing clothing or are trying to save money, you can make your own tall yoga pants. All you need is a pattern. Pattern Review.com features a simple tall yoga pant pattern by Jalie that accommodates a variety of fabrics, including lycra, stretch velvet, textured knits, and jersey. Buy the pattern for about $13 -- shipping adds another $3.50.

Tall Tips and Tricks

Hard-to-find-sizes shoppers' wisdom:

  • Just because a size is XL doesn't mean it will be the right length.
  • A 33-inch inseam is long.
  • A 35-inch inseam is extra long.
  • Petite and small sizes will have a slightly shorter, tall-fit inseam (34.5 instead of 35, for example).
  • Tall women might also consider trying on men's yoga pants to get a longer inseam. The relaxed fit and Lycra/spandex of yoga pants are body-shape forgiving.
  • To avoid shrinking, wash yoga pants in cold water (by hand is safest) and drip dry. But, if that seems like a hassle, remember that most blended fabrics won't shrink. Cottons, hemp, and other natural fibers tend to shrink in the dryer, maybe not too much but you did just knock yourself out for the perfect size pants. It's up to you.
  • Lightly stretch yoga pants a little bit after washing to help them dry at full length.
Fit girl doing yoga

No More High-Waters

Once you've found, or made, your yoga pants in the tall size to fit you, Downward-facing dog will be a whole lot less revealing. Good, well-fitting yoga pants and leggings are an investment, so care for your pants properly to keep them like-new. In a pinch, you can use a full-length pair of average-height leggings as a cropped-capri style. But pamper those perfect length tall yoga pants -- and get yourself a spare pair when you find a size and style that were made for you.

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Tall Yoga Pants: 9 Retailers + Styling Tips