Tantra Chair Introduction & Uses

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Zen By Design, makers of the Tantra Chair, say it's a yoga chair, a lovemaking chair, and an everyday living chair!

What is a Tantra Chair

Al Vitaro, founder and owner of Zen By Design, creates exquisite furnishings for meditation and scared intimacy. The Tantra chair is sold worldwide and was inspired by the calmness of the ocean and built to form to one's body.

Zen By Design offers its Tantra chair as a green product because only environmentally-safe components are used in its construction. Built to last a lifetime, the chair is offered in six colors: coffee, sunflower, linen, ebony, pistachio, and cinnabar. The chair is approximately 70 inches long, weighs 70 pounds, and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Yoga and the Tantra Chair

Zen By Design recommends the Tantra chair for yoga stretching, meditation, and relaxation. In combination with Tantra yoga, using a Tantra chair can help you purify the body, expand body awareness and help realign your spine. Enhance your intimate times with Tantra exercises to increase the power of your Kundalini.

Tantra teachers believe each person possesses an inner-man and inner-woman. Tantra chair exercises help you to reunite with your partner, making one whole being. While myths allude that Tantra is only about sexual desires, the truth is that Tantra practice is best for monogamous relationships, and a way to honor your partner.

Tantra Videos

When you purchase a Tantra chair, you may also want to explore Kumasutra techniques. Videos featuring these and Tantric practices will help you unlock the peace, love, and harmony in your relationship. Here are some great videos:

  • Love and Intimacy - The Tantric Way - Available as a DVD, you'll find popular Kumasutra positions along with a message offering ways to bring couples closer through Tantric intimacy.
  • Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving - The founder of the Source School of Tantra, Charles Muir, along with his wife Caroline, use a modern approach to ancient Tantra methods. Through a modern approach, couples gain secrets to relationships by mediation and energetic flow, and are awakened to the secrets of technique through the art of the touch.
  • Tantric Toning Workout With Stephanie Phillipo - This Tantra DVD offers powerful routines to relieve stress and increase vitality. You'll reap the rewards through a combination of yoga, tai chi, and aerobics that includes a "Tantric Toning Workout".

Tantra Books

  • Introduction to Tantra: The Transformation of Desire - Based on Buddhism, this book offers Tantric teachings utilizing every aspect of human energy, especially the energy of desire. Tantra is presented as a practice leading to self-discovery with a vision of reality that is simple, clear, and everyday relevant.
  • Kundalini Tantra - This book presents a systematic and pragmatic approach to the awakening of Kundalini and helps to arouse greater intelligence and give birth to a new range of creativity.
  • Desire: The Tantric Path to Awakening - Teachers of Tantra say that desire is the only true path to liberation. This book focuses on conscious withdrawal from habitual activities to help reconnect, realign, and bring desires of grace and joy.

Tantra Workshops

To enable couples to work together, one company, The World of Tantra offers onsite workshops. Most workshops are conducted in the Los Angeles area, however, instructors will travel to you for a fee. You can contact them by visiting the website to learn more on Tantric yoga, how to best use your Tantra chair, achieve balance, and connect with your partner.

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Tantra Chair Introduction & Uses